This Magic Foundation Treats Zits While Healing Acne Scars

Arguably, the worst thing about acne is the horrendous scars that it can leave behind. You really can’t cover them up with just any old foundation because it almost makes them stand out more.

The fresh acne on your face is even harder to cover up. You can pack on as much concealer as you want to get rid of the redness, but it’s still going to look like Mount Vesuvius.

In order to avoid that, I’ve always looked for a foundation that doesn’t clog my pores, but also provides full coverage of redness. There has to be a happy medium, right?

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Well, meet Oxygenetix.

It’s a breathable foundation that not only helps to cover the redness caused by acne, but also helps to heal some of the scarring left from acne. It was made for dermatologists and plastic surgeons to give their patients after small aesthetic procedure like a chem peel or minor cosmetic surgery.

It helps speed up healing time while oxygenating the surface of your skin. I’ve been using it for a little over two months, and my breakouts have significantly decreased. It also makes your skin super soft, because it’s also a moisturizer, and minimizes pores without clogging them.

Oxygenetix basically operates as a “second skin” so it doesn’t even rub off on your clothing.

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However, the best part about this foundation though is that you can wear it to the gym, and it doesn’t smudge because of sweat or water, which is great because I’m always the most insecure about my skin at the gym. The sweat only seems to bring out the redness of my scarring even more.

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AND *bonus* it’s vegan and cruelty free.

Oxygenetix retails for $40 on Amazon.

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