Millennials aren’t having sex and Luci 6000 wants to help

Regardless of how dumb and impulsive old people think we are, members of the millennial and Gen Y cohort are reportedly not having as much sex as previous generations did when they were young. Why? Because we’re too obsessed with our phones.

But a team of creatives and sexperts are hoping to change that.

LA-based photographer and installation artist Maggie West got together with sex toy brand Lelo and NYC’s Museum of Sex to create the most lustful interplanetary robot of our wildest dreams, Luci 6000.

Maggie and team gave Luci a fictional backstory, saying she is from the planet Xeron, a planet on which the population’s sex drive has completely crashed due to everyone’s obsession with their phones (wait, isn’t that just Silver Lake?). Luckily, DM-sliding and sexting are Luci’s mission in life and she won’t have a problem saving the population from growing totally numb.

Even though she’s been posted up in the Museum of Sex in NYC as an art exhibit, anyone can interact with Luci 6000 on social media to get a risqué response.

Maggie and Lelo created Luci as a satirical commentary on the way in which everybody makes massive generalizations about millennials and their phones — either portraying them as “hypersexual digital narcissists” or “desexualized drones.”

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While Luci is meant to poke fun at the way our phones effect our self identity and our sex lives, there are also some serious things to take away from her message.

OBVIOUSLY the generations that didn’t grow up with a phone in their hand and were usually married (read: boring) by their early 20s won’t get it. And yes, phones and constant exposure to hyper-sexual content will desensitize an individual to all things sex-related. But while some behavioral aspects that were previously considered normal fall away, new ones develop. Societal norms shift and new insight can be gained.

So, mom or dad might think we’re all doing it wrong, or doing it too much, or not enough… but objectively, it’s just different. And you know what’s better than another lame article invasively criticizing millennial behavior? Embracing change and tweeting at or visiting Luci 6000 in NYC’s Museum of Sex to get a lil digital luv.

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Photos courtesy of Maggie West

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