Love Bailey Released a Trans Power Anthem In Honor of Pride Month

In honor of Pride month, one of our fave queer artists, Love Bailey,released “Shenis,” a song that she wrote to serve as  the first trans-pride anthem, and an anthem for empowered women around the world.

With lyrics like “never settle for second best” & “don’t let anyone judge you for the sum of your parts,” this single is the song to help you find your inner flame.

After filming the music video for “Shenis,” Love Bailey caught up with a few of the trans superstars in the video and asked them what the word “Shenis” means to them & how they plan on celebrating pride this year.

Check out the music video and what they said below — along with some epic photos by Easton Schirra.

Jane Rosengarden

To me shenis just means releasing the negative energy behind genitalia and playfully mocking the way society views trans people.

The way I’m protesting my pride is by sticking up for LGBTQ women because we have the hardest time being free. Women will always be the most important thing.

Rea Zor

To me, Shenis means not to be afraid to be yourself and to put your own happiness and self love foremost over anyone else. As long as you love yourself and are true to oneself, anything is attainable.

This pride season I’m celebrating by just being my 100% authentic self no matter anyone’s views or judgements, because I know as long as I’m happy with myself, no one else’s opinion matters.  To me, that’s the easiest way to protest — even when it isn’t pride season.

Valora Von Tease

To me, “shenis” embodies the meaning of liberation. After being on set for the video I’ve been so inspired by Love [Bailey] and the way she lives out her fantasies in life and on screen. I get the same feeling now when I hear the song or watch the video that I did that day on set, which is: “Damn, I CAN DO ANYTHING!”

For me as a non binary person, I sometimes get caught up in this horrible mindset that my gender non-conformity is holding me back in life. But when I hear ”Shenis,” I’m reminded that there’s power in the places that I am different and I think that’s what Love shows us in her art and her music.  

Alec Marchant


Claiming love for your shenis is shedding away all the shame and secrecy you thought you may hold on to for your entire life. It’s a battle cry for anybody who has ever felt a little different and is reminded of it at every step.

I’m celebrating pride this season by ensuring I’m the most confusing, arousing, and interesting person on every street.

Raquel Star

Shenis represents a new era for me. Unlike my early years where I was afraid to embrace who I fully was, I now feel empowered and in full ownership of my body, my mind, my identity. I am honored to be a part of this song because to me it represents an empowering love letter to me and any of my trans family out there who may be struggling with self-love.

I don’t wanna be a fetish, [or] objectified, I wanna be me and welcome my self in to my womanhood.

[I’m celebrating Pride by] putting myself out there wearing a sickening lipstick, my lashes, my big boobs sitting on a nice dress and my red bottoms — that’s how I’m planning to celebrate my pride. Being visible matters and wherever I walk and I stand, that’s how I will protest — making eye candy my statement.

Vladonna Rose

“Shenis” to me means liberation. It means I get to be free as a trans woman and not be shamed for my body.

I’m creating awareness [this pride], by being the best advocate that I can possibly be and not giving in to big corporations who want to capitalize on minorities and supporting queer artists directly.

Arisce Wazner

“Shenis” is about female empowerment for ALL females. Every girl can get behind intersectional feminism and taking up space.

I’m actually hosting LA Pride this season and that’s a protest in itself. West Hollywood has a reputation to be cis, white, and for gays only. Me being on stage and representing trans black women speaks volumes for what’s to come.


Photos by Easton Schirra

Styling by Star Burleigh

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