Lizzo took some time to discover self-love, but now she’s the self-love queen

Lizzo is all about leveling up.

She started as a flutist who wasn’t confident enough to sing, wrote fantasy novels, played in a rock band, performed with her fair share of female rap cliques, and inevitably evolved into her 2018 self – a multi-faceted artiste with a body positive agenda that preaches self love and is scientific proof that a Grrrl Gang can take over the world.

From Lizzobangers to her newest EP Coconut Oil, Lizzo’s melody-driven rap lyrics are a literal bible for anyone who needs a lesson in giving less f*cks and loving themselves more.

Hearing her story from the very beginning and looking at where she is today, no one is actually surprised she’s dominating in her area of the hip-hop industry and twerking with the baddest b*tches up on stage.

Lizzo will tell you herself, you’re going to do and be a million things before destiny unfolds and you hit gold. You might be a timid flutist for years before you figure it out. But life is all about trusting yourself, trusting the process. Stay focused, work hard, dance all night, listen to Coconut Oil and take some notes.

You’ve been in a handful of other group projects before breaking solo. Can you tell us a little about your history as an artist?

I’ve been in girl groups as long as I’ve been writing songs. I wasn’t very confident in my singing voice but as a young flutist studying music, I loved writing. I would put together groups of my friends and would write little pop songs for us and I’d be the rapper.

Then my best friends formed a rap crew called the Cornrow Clique, and I knew then that I wanted a career in hip-hop. A rock band, an Electro-soul duo, and two all-female trios later, I emerged as a solo artist. It was hard because I never thought anyone wanted to look at just me up on stage! So having Sophia Eris and the Big Grrrls with me feels right.

What’s your everyday beauty routine consist of?

Beauty has changed so much and I tried to keep up with it until this contour revolution started! It was too much trying to beat my face every day, so now I’ve devolved to just a little spray of Mario Badescu and some rose oil on my skin. Then, I’m out the door.

What does your dream manicure look like?

I’m obsessed with the ‘Rihanna stiletto’ – it’s a narrow stiletto that’s rounded like an almond. And lately I’m a fan of simple colors. Right now I’m rocking ‘Bubble Bath.’

What do you and your girls do on a typical night out?

When we go out, we go all the way out! Chaquilas, baby! That’s champagne and Tequila mixed together.

We love to dance! We’re the girls dancing in our own little world with sweat stains under our boobs laughing hysterically. After surfing on the couches, we’ll usually find food and sit in the hotel or the tour bus or my place talking until 5am.

Robe: Murmur Clothing, Earrings: House of Emmanuele, Necklace: Saks Fifth Avenue, Shoes: Steve Madden

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What’s your favorite track off your last album and why?

Even though Coconut Oil was an EP, I’m going to say “‘Scuse Me.” I hated that song at first! It wasn’t called “‘Scuse Me” it was called “OMG It’s Me,” and I just thought it was too flashy, too cocky.

Then, after leaving it alone for awhile we revisited it and wrote “I don’t see nobody else, ‘scuse me while I feel myself.” That completely changed the way I felt about the song. It’s become my anthem! And the beat goes hoard.

Tea or coffee?

Tea. Chai tea to be exact.

What’s the weirdest thing about you that no one knows?

I have rare ‘condition’ where my eyes are too lazy to lie to me so I can see red out of one eye and blue out of the other, like 3D glasses.

What’s your favorite meal to cook at home?

When I have time, I love to cook rice, beans, kale, and plantain. Plantain is literally my favorite food of all time. I can also throw down on some eggs, boyyyyyy!

How do you do selfies with no makeup?

Hahaaaaa! Great question. Find your light, I promise you, you are so beautiful with and without makeup.

Dress: Asos, Faux Fur: Elisabetta Franchi, Earrings: Express, Shoes: De Blossom Collection

Did your songs always revolve around self love and confidence or how did that come about in your music?

My songs have always revolved around myself. When I didn’t love myself, I was exploring myself. Then, I learned to love those parts I discovered, and then I learned how to care about those parts I learned to love, and now I am using all of this self love and actualization in the real world.

It’s hard, but I’m very fortunate that I’m able to express myself musically and share this journey in a song.

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Can you tell us a bit about your girl gang? How do you weed through the kind of people you want to surround yourself with?

Sophia Eris, Quinn Wilson and the Big Grrrls are basically my best friends. We’ve gone through so much together we are chosen family now. They’re the most talented women I know and I’m blessed to have them on my team and in my life.

I think life can discern the ‘bad for you’ from the ‘good for you’. I’m very lucky to have strong healthy relationships in my life and the people who need to move on or move away from me do it naturally and mutually.

Chaps worn as a neck piece: Delise Ana, Earrings: Alexis Bittar

How do you deal with shady people?

Shady people get what I like to call ‘the fear of God’ put in them. If you’re being shady that means you’ve fallen to the dark side, and I only deal with people who stay in the light. I show those people that I am protected and not one to fuck with and they back off or show their true colors pretty instantly. I honestly don’t have time for that shit.

What are your thoughts on people who feel insecure in their relationship?

Insecurity is way more common than we think. Insecurity is like a disease that everyone deals with but no one assumes anyone else can catch. 9 times out of 10, your insecurity is coming from within and it can only be two things: your intuition or your relationship with yourself.

I’d say start with your self, and work on anything you may be feeling insecure about. Is it your job? Your family? Your place in life? Your mind or body? And once you’ve checked those things off, zero in on your intuition and listen to your heart. Your heart will never lead you astray.

Growing up did you have anyone to look up to that was a strong female role or did the absence of one prompt you to build a career around that message?

As the baby in my family, I had my big sister and mommy to look up to. I’ve also have tons of strong best friends, and we were always in groups of 3 or 5’s. I’ve always had little covens, ya know? I think I just love being a woman and love celebrating that and telling stories about heroines. Ever since I was a kid I would write fantasy novels with strong female leads and I think that just stuck with me.

Dress: Shelly Camille, Necklace: Heidi Daus, Earrings: Marc Jacobs

Who are your favorite fashion designers right now?

I’m so bad at knowing designers. Seth Pratt designs most of my tour looks and he’s iconic. I met him through Brooke Candy, who styles me. I’ve always supported Christian Siriano, even back when he first had a shoe line at Payless. I always felt like I was wearing expensive designer shoes when I’d buy a pair. Fast forward to now, when I got to sit front row at his fashion week show in a custom dress! It’s amazing to see how far we’ve both come.

What’s the main differences between your first tour ever and the tours you go on now?

The first tour I went on was like being a stand-up comedian. No one knew who I was either. I would have to warm the crowd up each night with banter to get them to like me, then we’d get into the music.

Now we get to put on full productions and there so much energy and anticipation. I never in a million years thought this is where we’d be at but it’s the most high energy, intense, hilarious, beautiful show that I get to be part of.

What are the things you do in the studio to get ready for a session?

For some odd reason I love wearing makeup to the studio. I’ll look pretty natural anywhere else but on session days, I like to prep by putting on mascara and lip gloss. Then I normally talk about food for like two hours with the producers and then we order food and then I think we’re ready to make a song.

Robe: Murmur Clothing, Earrings: House of Emmanuele, Necklace: Saks Fifth Avenue, Shoes: Steve Madden

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Favorite skincare products?

Rose anything! Rose oil, toner, moisturizer. When I wore a lot of makeup I would use the Clarisonic face brush – that was awesome at scrubbing off contour.

Favorite song to get ready to?

“Get Me Bodied” by Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter.

What’s next for Lizzo?


Expolsion Veil: Piers Atkinson, Dress: Asos

Dress: Shelly Camille, Necklace: Heidi Daus, Earrings: Marc Jacobs

Photos by Max Montgomery
Director of Photography by Chris Koch
Hair by Aaron Light
Styling by Cristina Acevedo
Makeup by Molly Greenwald

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