Inside the exclusive Galore x Winky Lux party with model Sif Saga

The whimsical cosmetic brand, Winky Lux, has recently announced with Galore that model Sif Saga will be the face of their newest Spring campaign.

For the Spring collection, Winky Lux is launching their Bombshell Kit, which is honestly the perfect kit for anything on-the-go – including your travel to the Coachella Valley this coming weekend. 

Last night in New York City, the Winky Lux Clubhouse held a launch event hosted by Sif Saga with Galore, and it was magical!

The latest Winky Lux campaign is a tribute to the glorious fashion and beauty of the seventies, specifically the hit film “Saturday Night Fever” and the iconic disco dancefloor. You can check it out here!

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“Spring is all about natural indulgences. The theme is disco and we wanted to embody the carefree luxury of the glittering late 70s. Sif is a classic beauty but she’s also authentic and independent which makes her very modern. She epitomizes the glossy vibe of a new generation,” explains Founder of Winky Lux, Natalie Mackay, on why they chose to collab with Sif.

The Bombshell Kit will retail for $35 (even though it’s valued at $65), and it’s available on the Winky Lux website. The kit includes the Gold Makeup Bag, Powder Light in Charm, Glossy Boss in Chandelier, and the Lip Velour in Heart.

The party had drinks provided by SWISH and the classic, Titos Vodka. And yes, there was My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream there for that after dinner treat (we all love a great mochi).

The guests got to leave with amazing gift bags, filled with goodies from Winky LuxLaqa & CoXtend Barre gift certificates, and FaceTory face masks. Again, this gift bag sounds like the Coachella starter kit dream. The dinner was hosted at the Hotel Chantelle, and it was not only delicious, but gorgeous.

Check out the exclusive pics from our party last night below, and make sure to check out Winky Lux’s Bombshell Kit for easy and quick packing and application!

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Left: Marisa Bryant, Right: Yaz


Sif Saga

Left: Natalie Mackey, Founder of Winky Lux, Right: Sif Saga

Sofia Resing

Afiya Bennett

Sharam Diniz

Sif Saga


Willow Hand


Fiffany Luu

Chelsea Leyland

Alice Gao

Right: Joy Corrigan, Middle: Marisa Bryant, Right: Syd Furuichi

Sif Saga

Hotel Chantelle

Sarah McGonagall

Left: Sif Saga, Right: Willow Hand

Hotel Chantelle

Photos by: Tyrell Hampton

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