Winky Lux has a new collab with model Sif Saga, and it’s actually fire

If you’re into low-key brands that are not only cruelty free but look out for the girls who love natural beats and light-weight makeup, look no further than Winky Lux.

In their new collab with the up-and-coming model Sif Saga, you’re going to get major 70’s vibes. The release is filled with bold, rich colors and an affordable price to match – because we can all be a little nicer to our bank accounts rn.

In honor of her new Winky Lux makeup collab, we sat down with Sif to learn about her everyday makeup looks as well as exclusive deets on what’s in the release!

How did you get your start in modeling, and did you know your career would take off like it has?

I was scouted in high school in New Hampshire at my best friend Rachel’s graduation. Her older brother, Nick Tamposi, owns a mother agency with his wife, Marianne. He approached me and asked if I was a model, and said that he would love to be my mother agent. To be honest, I wasn’t so sure about him. After a month, I went with my mother to visit them at their home, and, within two days, we had a plan. I signed a contract with New Version Models.

I am a very ambitious person, so if I was going to do this, I was going to do this right. I wanted to do everything in my power to succeed. When I began modeling, I quickly fell in love with the industry. Being in front of the camera has allowed me to express myself in ways that I have never been able to before.

As for my career, I wasn’t sure. Obviously every model hopes for their career to take off, but I also have lots of amazing people supporting me. Nick and Marianne have guided me every step of the way and I don’t think that I would be where I am today without them.

What would you describe as your go-to, everyday makeup look? What beauty items can you not live without?

I think it’s really important to have a good skin care regime and FP Skin is a line that I have been using now for a few months. It’s changed my skin, and I’m obsessed with all of their products now.

My everyday makeup look is pretty simple and natural. I usually wear just a bit of foundation or tinted sunscreen. I love Ilia foundation serum, and I also love some Dior blush.

I love Winky Lux’s Flower Balm Stain which is PH level reactive. I also love Winky Lux’s Strobing Highlight Balm in Bubbles! It’s great for everyday use and for going out. I have very sensitive skin, so Winky Lux is great for me. It never feels too heavy and doesn’t irritate my skin.

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Tell us about your new collab with Winky Lux – how did this come about? What’s featured in your collection?

Winky Lux came across my Instagram on the explore page – the magic of social media, I guess! When they reached out to my agency, I was very excited. Especially because shooting anything beauty-related is my favorite type of job.

Working with Winky Lux has been amazing, because everyone I have met is very down to earth and passionate about the brand! As for their Spring Collection, they feature a variety of their products, such as the Powder Lights Highlight in Charm, Glossy Boss Lip Gloss in Chandelier and this amazing, red lipstick – the color is called Heart.

This campaign is a tribute to Saturday Night Fever with major Disco vibes. Why did you think you were chosen to be the face for the latest collection?

A 70s vibe shoot is something I had never even remotely shot before this campaign! I was excited and the mood board was super fun, but once we get on set, everything was perfect. There were more disco balls than I could count and the wardrobe and glam was so mystical. I do get told quite frequently that I look like models from the 70s and 80s, though, so I’m thinking Winky Lux saw that in me, too!

In what ways does this collection reflect your personal style and what is the one product from the collab that you’ve been using the most?

Well, I like that they are simple, but at the same time they can make a big statement. They are also just super fun! I try not to take life too seriously, and the brand as a whole is just something I can resonate well with.

You take a look at their Instagram, and you think, “The girls that wear this are fun and I want to be their friends!” To me, it’s the perfect brand that can give you the natural day look or can bump it up to a really glamorous evening look. Their products are super versatile.

Check out how to get Sif’s 70s inspired Winky Lux look now!


Photographer: Adrianne Raquel

Products: Winky Lux

Model: Sif Saga

Makeup & Hair: Ronnie Peterson

Styling: Valeria Leonova

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