If you were wondering, Kim’s skincare routine is more of an all-over-her-body situation

Kim Kardashian is known for, well, a lot. She’s known for her long locks, her curvy body, her rich ass family, and most importantly, her flawless skin. 

Since Kim is a millionaire and all, you’d expect her to do the most expensive skincare treatments to keep up her baby soft skin vibes. But surprisingly, everything she does is not only affordable, but relatable af as well.

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In a recent interview with Elle, Kim explains her extensive skincare routine for her entire body. She mentioned that her skincare routine is more of an intensive bodycare routine, especially since her wardrobe mainly consists of revealing fits.

“I always put skincare all over, I think that’s really a necessity; I put it on my legs, my arms…You really have to do your neck and your chest,” says Kim.

She’s not talking about just any facial product, though, and she mentions that she stays away from products with a heavy scent. This seems like it’s more of a facial cream or toner that she puts on her arms, legs, and stomach, and really just throughout her body.

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Although we don’t get to see Kim’s natural skin that much, it’s always interesting to know what products and techniques she uses to keep her skin smooth. Which, we all know, is vital in having a flawless beat – especially when you wear makeup just about everyday.

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