Some legit lessons you can learn from each Powerpuff girl

In the 90’s and early 2000’s, cartoon network had plenty of shows about villains and superheroes, but the one show that changed the game was The Powerpuff Girls.

The show taught us that we didn’t have to be boys in order to be strong and powerful enough to take down evil. It showed us that you can be girly yet fierce at the same time, plus spread an overall message of equality. They also showed us that you don’t have to wear tight fitting latex jumpsuits and be overly sexualized to make a statement.

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One of the most important things the show exemplified was the vulnerability of each character. It taught us that it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to be weak, it’s okay to be injured and ask for help. At the time, we were too young to realize how valuable these lessons were.

The Powerpuff Girls were created from sugar, spice, and everything nice combined with an accidental dose of “Chemical X.” Their father/creator was Professor Utonium, and his formula caused them to share super speed, flight, strength, eye lasers, and who knows what else.

The one thing that set them all apart? Their personalities.


Blossom was the most intelligent of the bunch. She was a “type-A” leader that demanded justice and was willing to take on any evil by believing in herself and her sisters.

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She was confident in everything she did and reassured her sisters they were going to kickass without actually knowing the outcome.

Blossom taught us the importance of being a team leader who is fair and open to other people’s ideas. She was always down to change the plan as long as they got to save the day at the end.

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Bubbles was the most kind-hearted and emotional of the group, but she still took down all the super villains along with her sisters. She showed us that after a long day of drama and trying to save the world, it’s normal to have feelings and need to release them.

Bubbles knew she was cute and that anyone trying to get in her way was a waste of time. The same goes for us. We are all too precious to let someone’s negativity bring us down. No one is worth your time if they aren’t adding any happiness to your life.

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Bubbles warm-hearted ditziness taught us there’s nothing wrong with talking to yourself. Whether you’re empowering yourself by saying positive affirmations or trying to calm yourself down, talking to yourself helps you stay in the present instead of staying in the past.


Buttercup was charming, yet aggressive af and she didn’t let anyone mess with her and her sisters. She taught us the importance of standing up for yourself and not letting people tell you what to do.

Buttercup showed us that you can be feminine without being super sweet and following the rules. You’re allowed to be sassy and make people aware of when they’re pissing you off.

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This photo pretty much sums it up. Buttercup wasn’t someone to fuck with, especially when she wakes up in the morning. Don’t let people mess with you.

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