Nala Wayans is redefining Cali babe style

Nala Wayans is adding more modeling gigs to her already stacked schedule, and she’s definitely our current fave example of chilled out California chic.

Did I mention she’s a YouTuber who vlogs?! Like it’s her second nature, honestly. As Nala invites you to tag along during her “Get Ready With Me” and “Driving With Nala” series, you’ll totally feel like her bestie. Daily routines, hacks, and hauls fabricate her page along with a few cooking videos, so you’ll never get bored.

Check out our interview below with the vlogger and model where she tells us what it’s like to be 21, her dreams of owning a farm (yes!), and much more.

How was it growing up in the Wayans family?

There’s a lots of laughs as you’d probably expect. It’s the only family I know so I wouldn’t know what to compare it to. We really don’t take things too serious but honestly it’s very normal for me haha.

At what point did you realize your family was famous? How was it growing up?

I don’t think i realized my family was “famous” until I was maybe 13 and people at school would bring it up. I don’t think it really affected me as a child/young adult. My parents did a pretty good job of giving me a fairly normal upbringing and keeping me grounded.

So you just turned 21 not too long ago, how’s the legal life? Do you feel like a weight has been lifted?

My favorite thing about being 21 is that I can finally buy my own wine to cook with. I absolutely love to cook and before I was 21 there were so many recipes I wanted to try that called for wine but I couldn’t buy my own. There was this whole cooking world I was missing out on!

What’s your favorite dish to eat as well as prepare?

My favorite thing to eat is probably sushi, but I don’t have anything special. I just love trying new recipes.

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Do you have any advice for the young women of our generation?

My advice would be: Just have fun and don’t take things too seriously.

Since you’re still young this question is def still valid; what do you want to be when you grow up? 

Oh god, I want to be everything!! I just love trying new things, but more than anything… I want to own my own little farm. I want to grow my own vegetables and have my own chickens and maybe like a cow or goat. That’s really my ultimate dream.

Short term goals?

Hmm… I think I’d like my own billboard on Sunset or in Times Square.

What inspired you to start your YouTube channel?

I don’t even remember. I think I was bored one day and just thought about what my day would look like if I filmed it. I did and the footage didn’t come out too bad, so I asked on twitter if anyone would be interested in seeing and I got so many responses saying yes! Then I just uploaded it to YouTube and went from there.

Internet trolls are usually a factor when having such a large following. How do you deal with people who leave rude comments?

I honestly just ignore them. Trolls only have as much power as you give them. In my opinion, the people leaving the comments don’t actually know me so their opinions mean nothing to me.

How would you describe your style for this summer?

Lots of yellow and lots of sunglasses!

Shades by: @LESPECS  | Pants by: @PLUGGEDNYCSTORE

Where do you draw your style inspiration from?

I get style inspiration from everywhere but most of it usually comes from things I see on Instagram and especially my mood.

So far, what are your favorite trends that have emerged this year?

I couldn’t even tell you, I’m always late on trends.

What’s the weirdest date you have ever been on? What’s your dream date?

Weirdest… *knocks on wood* I actually haven’t been on any weird ones. For a dream date, just take me somewhere with AMAZING food and I’m gonna have the time of my life hahaha. I’m honestly really simple.


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Whats a weird hobby or habit you partake in?

Well, I think I’m just a really weird person in general. A lot of things I think are totally normal my friends all think are strange. Like I still play Pokémon Go and so many people think that’s super weird.

So what should we be expecting from you this year, Nala?!

You should definitely expect to be seeing and hearing a lot more about me this year!

Photographer: Maya McHenry

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