8 foods that were clearly just made for Instagram

I wonder if Instagram knew how influential it’d be when they first started out. They went from a basic social media platform where you could “just” upload pictures, to a site that dictates what people wear, what they eat, and even what they do – because renting ATVs in the desert will look so good for your Insta pics!

People wear ridiculous bikinis just for Insta pics, and they do insane makeup for selfies. If you follow lots of food bloggers, you’ve probably noticed that people eat for the ‘gram too. Or, if they even eat it at all after taking the pic.

And because of this food blogging phenomenon, restaurants have quickly realized that sometimes having good food isn’t all they need to excel in the industry. Having a crazy food go viral is a one-way ticket to raking in the dough – even if it doesn’t taste that great.

Here are some foods that were clearly just designed for Instagram.

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1. This cheeseburger pizza

this is exactly what it looks like

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Lots of pizza places have a cheeseburger pizza – but this one is clearly a little different. Instead of incorporating cheeseburger ingredients (ground beef, cheese, seasoning, etc.) this place literally just tosses burgers – including the buns – on top of regular pizza.

Now, I love carbs as much as the next person, but who wants that much bread?

But, alas, it’s getting picked up by news outlets, so they clearly got what they wanted.

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2. Rolled Ice Cream Tacos

Who’s gonna be rolling with us this week? #sweetcupoc

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Tacos are amazing, there’s no doubt about it. And traditional tacos are on their way to be the next pizza. The only qualm I have with tacos is that hard-shelled ones can be super messy. As soon as you take one or two bites, everything starts falling apart and you have to hold it together with your hands.

Now, can you imagine how much worse this is when ice cream is what’s inside the hard shell? Messy is one thing, sticky is another. You can’t really pick up the ice cream from the plate like you would with some chicken and tomatoes.

3. Milkshakes with frosting on the damn cup

Black Tap inspired ridiculous milkshakes were one thing. They were over the top and way too much for one person to eat, absolutely, but they were still pretty tasty.

These milkshakes that are the new thing? Milkshakes with frosting spread all over the outside of the glass? It’s really another level.

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Are we truly barbarians? Can’t we reserve licking frosting off of things for the privacy of our own home? Or at least using our own glassware?

Also, as someone with a sweet tooth, I still shudder at the thought of a milkshake and a shitload of icing at once.

4. Spaghetti donuts

Smorgasburg is a foodie feeding frenzy in NYC, but food bloggers say the spaghetti donuts are more for show than actual taste. After all, isn’t half the fun getting to slurp up pasta like a savage?

5. Rainbow bagels/donuts

When @sincerelymiami brings the unicorn special from @thesaltydonut

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When I tried rainbow bagels myself, I was very disappointed to find that they taste exactly like regular bagels. And even the donuts – like these from The Salty Donut – are underwhelming according to food bloggers.

6. Sushi anything

Listen, there’s a reason why sushi is rolled the way it is – because it works. If there was a better way, they would’ve changed it long ago. But whether new fangled places are rolling sushi into a burrito, a donut, or a pizza – it just never tastes quite as right. Unless, you know, you want a bite full of rice with the occasional tiny bites of fish, then have at it.

7. Charcoal anything

Charcoal is the new coconut oil and being touted as a miracle health food. But the thing is, it’s not healthy if you put it in ice cream, and they’re probably using the smallest amount possible just to turn the food black. This makes it perfect for your Instagram feed, but the taste can end up being grainy and chalky.

8. Insane ice cream sundaes

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Two words: brain freeze. Unless you happened to walk into this joint with 15 friends, we can’t think of a reason you’d need this much ice cream.

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