Here’s proof Instagram stories is totally slaying Snapchat

As soon as Instagram launched stories, we at the Galore team knew it was over for Snapchat — at least the Snapchat we’ve all gotten used to.

After all, why use a separate app to post 24-hour photos and videos when you could do it on an app you already used regularly?

But, after visiting my family that weekend and seeing my little sister kill her phone battery by checking Snapchat every two minutes, I retracted my previous hypothesis. After all, maybe I, a 23-year-old who never got very into Snapchat, was ready to accept Instagram stories as my #1, but teens and tweens still hold Snapchat near and dear to their hearts.

Well, there aren’t enough teens to keep Snapchat as the #1 platform, apparently.

Instagram stories just surpassed 250 million daily active users, whereas Snapchat is holding steady at 166 million users, according to CNBC.

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This is bad news bears for Snapchat – who are trying to brand themselves as a camera company lately, interestingly enough.

Even Kim Kardashian, a loyal Snapchat user from day one who never strayed into Instagram stories, broke her exclusivity with Snapchat in May by using Instagram stories for the first time.

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And we can’t blame her. Most people have more friends on Instagram than they do on Snapchat, which means that when you post a selfie of your outfit on your Instagram story, you’re way more likely to get engagement from your followers saying how cute you look or whatever as opposed to on Snap.

There’s also the convenience, since the majority of us are already on Instagram during much of the day, so it doesn’t take much to just post a story while we’re at it. Besides, someone needs to see how cute our meal prep was this week, right?

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So, will Snapchat completely RIP like Myspace or Vine? It’s hard to say. We think Snapchat still has some life left in it, especially when it comes to sexting and more personal convos. Because if you’re accidentally going to post a nude to your story, better to do it on the platform where you have less people following you.

Plus, it’s easier to let your freak flag fly on a Snapchat story. It’s not public and the chances of people you aren’t close with seeing it are way lower.

But in terms of popularity? Instagram stories is clearly killing the game, and we think that divide is just going to grow as more people stray from Snap.

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