Kim Kardashian Just Used Instagram Stories Like a Normal Person For the First Time

If you follow Kim Kardashian on Instagram, chances are you’ve noticed something unusual about her Instagram stories. For somebody who has no problem with sharing BTS glam, selfies, and workout vids on Snapchat, Kim doesn’t really do Instagram stories.

When she does post IG stories, she keeps them strictly business-related. Either they’re non-existent or else they’re filled with visions of dancing kimoji products Kim wants to tell you exist and can be purchased at her website.

But on Wednesday, Kim did something we’re pretty sure she’s never done before: she shared personal videos on her Instagram story. Specifically, she uncharacteristically shared two videos on her IG story where she’s getting her hair done.

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For a long time now, we here at Galore suspected Kim’s lack of Insta stories must have something to do with some exclusive deal with Snapchat.

She’s been photographed going to Snapchat headquarters for meetings. Her Snapchat interface is different from what a normal user would see. And most of all, she’s a social media queen. Why else would she turn down extra exposure in the form of Instagram stories?

The only explanation we could come up with was that Snapchat wanted to keep Kim’s BTS content exclusive to their platform so people would have a reason to keep using Snapchat, especially after Instagram stories debuted and stole Snapchat’s thunder.

And it truly couldn’t get more boring than Kim was posting on her IG story:

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A post shared by KIMOJI (@kimoji) on


A post shared by KIMOJI (@kimoji) on

But either we were wrong about the Snapchat deal or Kim decided she was dunzo with it because yesterday she posted these two videos, which also appeared on her Snapchat story.

Welcome to a dawning of a new age of social media use for the Kardashians.

It probably won’t change anything for you, but it might turn out to be very, very bad for Snapchat.

Anyway, we’re pretty sure this is the first time Kim’s ever done this, although if you have proof to the contrary please let me know at

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