8 pink af Instagram accounts for your inner Benadryl Barbie

Millennial pink seems to be here to stay. Or at least, until it gets replaced by a “cooler” color.

But even if you’re over everything being baby pink, from matcha bars to Rihanna’s latest shoe designs, you can’t deny it looks great on an Instagram feed.

This is probably why more and more Instagram feeds dedicated to a pink aesthetic are popping up like roses (pink ones, obvi). We’ve highlighted some of our faves here so you can inject some pink into your Instagram timeline.

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1. @nikkilipstick

✨💕🎀 back home 🎀💕✨ @disorderdoll dress for NIKKILIPSTICK.COM coming eventually 💕🎀

A post shared by NIKKI LIPSTICK (@nikkilipstick) on

You may know Nikki Lipstick as the designer behind the “Dump Him” t-shirts that have now been knocked off at Forever 21 (shocker), but you may not know that she’s obsessed with pink. She even populated the Starbucks “pink drink” on Twitter. Her Instagram reflects her obsession and every single photo – even the ones of Nikki – are overwhelmingly pink.

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2. @ihavethisthingwithpink

🙌🏻 Are you ready to slay Monday? I am! 💗 Photo by @_luze_ thanks for tagging #ihavethisthingwithpink 🙌🏻

A post shared by Pink Love – All Day Erry Day (@ihavethisthingwithpink) on

The creative director behind this account runs her page like a typical blogger – just with a lot more pink. You’ll see street style shots, food pics, and more – but they’re all pulled from pages with lots of pink.

3. @xuzzi

Unlike the majority of “pink bloggers,” Mr. Pink actually takes a lot of his own photos instead of pulling pink pics from the depths of the interweb. He’s based in Mexico and looks like the type of guy you’d want to be BFFs with.

4. @cyranojonze

Cyrano Jonze is an artist that makes collages and cool graphics using the photos of other people on Instagram. More often than not, this artwork is overwhelmingly pink with some purples and blues mixed in. It’s dope and will break up the monotony of Starbucks selfies from your feed.

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5. @xkenziiie

i honestly live for space buns #pinkaesthetic #pinkhair #pink #esthetic #aesthetic #followforfollow

A post shared by mackenzie 🌸 (@xkenziiie) on

This page is like Tumblr, but all pink. It looks like she just started the page, so we’ll have to see if it keeps with the theme.

6. @zinzidoll

This is yet another page that pulls the best pink pics from the internet, but this one also pops in a meme or an “inspiring quote” from time to time.

7. @popandsuki

Vogue, 1998. (Jk)

A post shared by Pop & Suki (@popandsuki) on

Pop and Suki is one of the few brands that have managed to keep their insta feed all working with their pink aesthetic. Proud of them.

8. @azusabarbie 

If you’re going to follow just one account from this list, make it this one. From the looks of it, this girl has dedicated her life to her obsession with Barbie. She recreates Barbie makeup and hair looks, purchases a shit ton of Barbie memorabilia, and is also a nail artist to boot. Can you say goals?

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