Kylie just spoke up about that tween stripper pole moment

Kylie Jenner’s done a lot of things in the 10 years Keeping Up With the Karadashians has been on the air, but there’s one moment she still can’t get over.

The infamous stripper pole incident from episode one.

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When KUWTK first started, Kylie was buck wild little tween who didn’t think twice about putting on high heels and dancing around on her parents’s stripper pole.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Kylie and her sisters were asked what the most cringeworthy moment from the last 10 years of the show had been and Kylie responded:

“Probably my stripper pole moment. I cringe every time. I can’t!”

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TBH we would have thought her cringiest moment would have been when Kris & Khloe traumatized her with a stripper, but hey, she’s probably just completely blocked that one out of her memory.

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[H/T The Hollywood Reporter]

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