TBT: Kris & Khloé Traumatized Tween Kylie With a Stripper

Once upon a time, in the middle of what appears to be a very touching wedding anniversary party, Khloé decided it would be a fun idea to surprise her mother with a lap dance from a stripper.

You know, like any other daughter who doesn’t have to worry about creating compelling plot lines for her reality show would.

“To Mom and Bruce,” Khloé began, hijacking the festivities as she led an unidentified man carrying a chair in his hands to where her parents were standing, “I wanna show you what he does for me on a nightly occurrence.”

And just as quickly as this stranger came into their lives, he proceeded to sit Kris down and give her a lap dance in front of all her friends and family.

Kim was shocked.


Bruce was confused.


And poor baby Kylie was kind of traumatized.


Isn’t childhood innocence adorable?


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