Kylie and Kendall are selling vintage music shirts with their faces on them

Kylie and Kendall are always looking for the next genius marketing opportunity, which explains why they’ve decided to get in on the vintage music shirt trend.

Only instead of just selling the shirts as is, Kendall and Kylie decided to put their own faces on it so you can still kind of see what’s underneath, but not really.

Say it with me: bold.

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Selling for the low, low price of $125, you too can be the proud recipient of a variety of this one-of-a-kind vintage Kendall and Kylie merchandise.

Maybe you’re more of a Kylie Jenner bikini pic superimposed over a Metallica kind of gal.


Or maybe Kylie sitting on top of Tupac’s face is more of your thing.


Or maybe you don’t dig the fact that Kylie included her Instagram caption, which clearly references John Mayer, a musician whose music doesn’t really have anything to do with Metallica or Tupac.

In which case, might I suggest this Kendall Jenner shirt, where her face can be seen tasting the Pink Floyd rainbow.


Or maybe you’re more into Kendall knock knock knocking on the door of The Doors.

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Of course if you want to showcase your Jenner love in a slightly less obvious fashion, don’t worry, Kendall and Kylie have an option they know you’ll love.


It’s their initials over a variety of Tupac designs, including this one shown here!

Or classic rock bands! Like Led Zeppelin.


Whatever you want, Kendall and Kylie are there for you.


[H/T Mariah Smith]

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