Kylie wore a Kris Jenner wig and looked fuego doing it

Sometimes Kylie looks just like her sister Kendall, sometimes she looks like her older sister Kimberly, but she doesn’t usually look like her momager dearest.

But in one of the photos for her new capsule collection with pricey, but chic Australian eyewear retailer Quay, she’s giving off mad Kris Jenner vibes.

Probably cuz she’s wearing a Kris Jenner wig.

Go figure.

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And she looks FAB.

My capsule collection with @quayaustralia is coming 7.11.17 #QUAYXKYLIE

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Like whoever said mom haircuts had to be tragic hadn’t met Kylie, which makes sense seeing as that’s been a saying since forever ago and Kylie’s not even 20 yet!

Side question: do you think this is Kylie’s way to try and boost herself to #1 on her mom’s list of who her favorite child is?

Just think it over and get back to me. I’ll be here all week. And the week after that. And the week after that. Unless I get fired.

Pray for me.

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