Kristen Stewart Is Dating Cara Delevingne’s Ex Girlfriend Now

While we were all still focused on Kim K’s robbery and whatever else was happening in September, Cara Delevingne and her indie musician girlfriend St. Vincent broke up.

It was sad. Thousands of angels wept.

But you know who didn’t weep?

Kristen Stewart.

The rumors that K Stew had swooped up St. Vincent started last week, when the two started hanging out enough to get their photos taken by the paparazzi.

Although there were no signs of PDA, a source told Us Weekly that, “it’s been very romantic. Kristen is always whispering in her ear and asking her opinion.”

Then, one thing led to another and the DailyMail caught the two love birds holding hands and kissing in public, which pretty much confirms that they’re in some sort of relationship.

And they were still holding hands the next morning, so obviously it’s some level of serious.

Don’t you just love cuffing season?

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