Kim Is Suing a Website That Implied She Staged Her Robbery

Ever since Kim Kardashian was tied up and held at gunpoint in Paris, some garbage humans have accused her of staging the whole thing.

Usually, these accusations are reserved for either real life or Twitter. Media outlets haven’t speculated about this, because to do so would be illegal and something we in the biz call libel. Plus we’re all just classy like that.

Not all media outlets have been so classy, though. MediaTakeOut dared to write three posts about the robbery, “one of which alleged there was evidence Kim ‘staged’ the robbery,” according to TMZ. The site also alleged that French authorities had said Kim “let the robbers in.”

Well, Kim was having none of this, because allegedly, none of it’s true. So her lawyers asked MediaTakeOut to remove the posts and issue an apology, but got no response, TMZ reports. That’s why they’re now suing.

And just FYI, there’s really no way Kim would take legal action if the rumors weren’t, in fact, false. Not only would it be a waste of money, but it would probably open her up to a really invasive investigation process, during which private information would become public. Basically, this lawsuit is proof that Kim didn’t stage the incident.

Guess you can’t write whatever you want about celebs after all.

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