Updated: Kim Kardashian Was Just Held Up At Gunpoint In Paris

On Sunday night, after a busy day that included watching the Givenchy runway show and wearing an all matte python outfit to the Alaïa party, Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint while inside her hotel room in Paris.

“Kim Kardashian West was help up at gunpoint inside her Paris hotel room this evening, by two armed masked men dressed as police offers. She is badly shaken but physically unharmed,” Kim’s spokesperson revealed.

This news came roughly an hour after Kanye abruptly ended his set at the Meadows Festival in New York in the middle of his auto-tune heavy throwback song “Heartless,” telling his fans that there had been a “family emergency.”

At this point, no further information has been made public, but according to Kris Jenner, who obviously picked up the phone when E! News called her to comment on this story assured them that, “she will be ok.”


Kim was robbed. And tied up.

A police official told Us Weekly that shortly after Kim got back to her hotel at 2:55 in the morning and posted a Snapchat wishing Rob and Blac Chyna well, five armed men wearing ski masks and what appeared to be police uniforms entered the hotel she was staying at.

Immediately they found the male concierge in charge, tied him up, handcuffed him, gagged him and hid him inside a cupboard in the stairwell of the building, presumably after making him tell them where exactly Kim was staying inside.

That detail is unknown though. The five armed men could have already obtained that information before invading the premises.

Once inside, they broke into Kim’s apartment where two of the masked men held a gun to her head before tying her hands together and locking her in the bathroom.

Police estimate the armed robbers stole 10 million euros worth of jewelry from Kim, and two sources confirmed to Us that a pair of Kim’s iPhones were also stolen.

It’s staggering to even begin to think what kind of sensitive, personal information is on those two phones.

At the time, Kim’s personal bodyguard was most likely out with Kourtney Kardashian, not as a date just doing his job, presumably because he assumed nothing dangerous could happen to Kim while she was safely in her hotel.

While Kim has understandably left Paris to come back to the United States, Kourtney and Kendall, who FINALLY got her ass to Paris this weekend to walk down the runway for Givenchy like the supermodel she is, are remaining in Paris under police protection for the duration of their stay in Paris.

The police are currently holding a photographer, who earlier this week gained access to a restaurant Kim was at by posing as a policeman.

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