Kim Kardashian Filtered a Paparazzi Pic to Fit Her New Aesthetic

Ever since Kim Kardashian came back to social media, the pictures she’s posted on social media have all shared the same hazy, saturated, grainy quality.

So far nobody‘s been able to definitively say whether Kim’s been taking these photos on film or just been using some secret filter, or even a combination of secret filters, but all that’s about to change.

I just uncovered rock solid proof that Kim’s mysterious new aesthetic is just a filter after all.

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Since I had nothing else to write about this afternoon, I was trying to finesse a story around a photo Kim posted today on Instagram, which she captioned, “Awkward run ins are my fav.”

Awkward run ins are my fave

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My editor asked me if I could figure out who she was awkwardly running into, and even though that seemed like a near Herculean task, I said I’d give it the old college try.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t a hard mystery to crack.

By just perusing her Instagram feed, I was able to see she wore the same neutral-colored tank top with the same blue jeans when she was going to Dubai to host a master class.

Sure enough, in the photo you can see Kim walking past a line of people standing behind a velvet rope, raising their cell phones to record the memory of the moment they were that close enough to the Kim Kardashian.

Granted that makes it kind of shady that she paired the photo with the caption “awkward run ins are my fav,” seeing as all those people paid good money to see her get makeup applied to her face, but I’m sure she had her reasons.

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To double check that I was right, I did a quick Google search on “Kim Kardashian Dubai Master Class,” and that’s when I realized Kim Kardashian had just posted a paparazzi picture from Splash News and run it through a filter to make it seem like she took it.

Crafty, Kim.

More power to you for pulling the wool over our eyes for so long, but now you know.

It’s just a filter.

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