Karlie Kloss and Katy Perry are now fully hanging out

Karlie Kloss has moved on from vague anti-Taylor Instagram shade and is now literally hanging out with Katy Perry.

In further evidence that Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift are no longer besties, the model was seen chilling with none other than Taylor’s arch nemesis Katy Perry this week.

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The paparazzi captured a photo of Karlie, Katy and professional celebrity friends Derek Blasberg and Jennifer Mayer palling around in LA after a dinner date.

The last time Karlie and Taylor publicly acknowledged each other seems like years ago. Karlie was left off Taylor’s ridiculous squad T-shirt in her “Look What You Made Me Do” music video. Karlie recently complimented another Taylor nemesis, Kim Kardashian, calling her a “lovely person.” And Karlie didn’t stick up for Taylor after Kim exposed her as a fraud in 2016. Karlie also has been palling around with Kendall Jenner, who, after a short stint in Taylor’s squad, has in the past pillaged Taylor’s friend group to create a rival squad of her own. She’s also related to Taylor’s public enemies number two and three, Kim and Kanye.

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So it’s pretty safe to say Karlie and Taylor aren’t on good terms right now, and haven’t been for a while.

But there’s another (possibly fabricated) plot twist: Karlie and Taylor have also been the subject of romantic rumors from some time, and certain Tumblr users actually make a pretty good case for the conspiracy theory. We’re not saying it’s true, but next time you feel like getting high and googling chemtrails, do yourself a favor and google Kaylor instead.

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