Karlie Kloss shaded Taylor Swift in an Instagram caption then deleted it

Karlie Kloss just posted an Instagram caption that will put the RIP Kaylor debate to bed — and then she deleted it, making it even more sus.

Karlie Kloss posted a video on her Instagram from her Love Advent ’17 calendar shoot where she’s playing basketball.

Her court skills weren’t the issue with the video, though. Karlie made her caption “swish swish,” a reference to the Katy Perry song of the same name that is known as a Taylor Swift diss track.

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Since Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift are supposed to be BFF’s, this came a shocker to all Taylor fans everywhere. Die hard fans even began to swarm Karlie’s Instagram with comments of disappointment for the model’s choice of a caption.

Some are even commenting on an old photo Karlie posted for Taylor’s birthday. One Kaylor scholar said:

“Kaylor is dead because of the basketball caption and apparently Karlie is deleting photos with Taylor in them apparently ( not sure this is true) I just saw the basketball caption but kaylor I think is dead.”

So that pretty much settles it, obv.

Happy happy birthday @taylorswift! 💫

A post shared by Karlie Kloss (@karliekloss) on

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Karlie recently changed the caption to “nothing but net,” to save herself from the rat emojis being commented under all of her photos. Most people are saying that it was an accident on Karlie’s end, and that Taylor fans are reaching, but some are saying that Karlie is truly shading her former BFF.

Why else go to the trouble to change the caption? We see you, Karlie.

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