Justin Bieber Is Trying to Make Naked Fridays a Thing

Yesterday, photos of Orlando Bloom naked on a paddleboat surfaced, and people couldn’t handle it.

Today, the same thing has happened with pictures of Justin Bieber naked, albeit without the paddleboard, in what we can only assume is a valiant attempt to make naked Fridays a thing.

A few hours ago, the New York Daily News, the same organization behind the last crop of Justin Bieber naked photos, released some vaguely NSFW photos taken while Justin was on vacation in Hawaii.

It’s unclear whether Justin knew these photos were being taken, although he definitely did know that this next photo, which he snapped to his millions of followers was.

Chances are he was also naked in this one, although we’ll never know seeing as he used a pink flamingo pool float to cover his modestly cover his manhood.

Given the proximity to yesterday’s naked Orlando sighting however, there’s a part of me that wonders whether this whole thing wasn’t a big set up so Justin could remind Orlando who has the bigger dick.

In case you forgot, the two have a very weird feud that’s mostly made up of rumors, and you can read about it here if you’re in the mood for a history lesson.

So basically, either we’re seeing the beginning of the free the peen movement, a development I find equally fascinating and horrifying, or it’s about to become increasingly difficult for celebrities to keep their semi-public naked moments to themselves, which sounds hilarious, but is actually serious.

Invasions of privacy, be it leaked nudes or unwanted paparazzi photos, are no joke. Celebrities have a right to their privacy, just like everybody else.

So decide for yourselves whether you want to spend the next five minutes looking for uncensored photos, although to be completely honest, I don’t think a whole lot has changed since we saw him naked this time last year.

That’s precious time you’re wasting when you could be drinking.

Or finishing up your work so you can start drinking already.

Choose wisely.

[H/T NY Daily News]


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