Should You Feel Bad About Searching For Justin Bieber’s Dick?

Two weeks ago, I made a mistake about what Justin Bieber had going on inside his Calvins.  Citing a photo the pop star posted on Instagram after taking an arctic plunge in his tighty whities, I came to the conclusion that his dick was nothing to write home about.

Sure enough though, I was wrong.  It turns out, Justin Bieber’s dick is pretty damn big.

While vacationing in Bora Bora with British blogger, and rumored slampiece, Jayde Pierce, Justin Bieber decided to go for a quick, casual and completely naked swim.

Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t just Jayde that was watching, but a carefully concealed paparrazo, who made sure that every second, and every angle, of Justin Bieber’s naked frolicking was captured for the entire world to see.

While it’s hard to imagine that Justin Bieber is that sad about the truth about his genitalia coming out, I can’t help but feel conflicted as I scroll through the New York Daily News’ endless scroll of nudy pics.  Even though Justin Bieber is a egomaniac, often annoying pop star, at the end of the day, he’s still a person who has every right to his privacy.

The fact of the matter is that these pictures were taken without his consent, and even though the pictures are incredibly flattering, they represent a major invasion of privacy.

While I would be a hypocrite if I told you not to spend five minutes finding an uncensored photo of Justin Bieber’s dick in order to admire it in its entirety, you probably should feel a little guilty afterwards.  Unless of course this all turns out to have been a publicity stunt, in which case you can just go back to feeling guilty for liking the majority of Justin Bieber’s songs, even though you suspect that he’s totally the worst.

All photos via New York Daily News


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