Josie Totah is Hollywood’s Next Big Act!

Josie Totah is one to watch! The breakout star of the updated Apple+ film, The Buccaneers as Mabel, has recently graduated from Chapman University before embarking on her new role. Josie is no stranger to the camera, the 22-year old California-born native started her career acting on Disney Channel and ABC. We chat with Josie about her Career, Beauty Routine and more!

Featured Interview:

Tell us about your character Mabel in apple tv Buccaneers.

Mabel is a loud rambunctious outspoken girl despite the very stiff society surrounding her.

How do you feel your acting has grown over the years?  

Hm… it’s hard to tell because every time I do it, it feels like the first time. No matter how many years go by, I’m still just as excitedly nervous and scared each time I get to do it. I think as a person I’ve evolved a lot and I think that growth is hopefully reflected in my performance.

Who are your SHEROES and who inspired you to get your first acting gig?

I’d say my sister and my mom. My sister had acted as a kid and in many ways, I’ve always admired her. I remember seeing her on stage and thinking “I’d love to get to do that one day.” And my mom who I’m constantly amazed was able to raise us all and still end up in one piece.

How did your prepare for the role of Mabel?

I watched a lot of contemporary period pieces that I felt captured the essence of what I was going for tone wise. Greta Gerwig’s Little Women was the biggest inspiration for me. Saoirse and Florence are perfection.

What fashion trend from Buccaneers do you think we will see show up in fashion this year?

I think corsets have been back for a minute, but I suspect they will stay, but also maybe… bloomers! I see a booming bloom coming.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

Hm… maybe that I have a fear of grocery stores. I can’t go alone. I just get so overwhelmed and for some reason my social anxiety just comes out. Everyone seems to know exactly what they’re doing and where to go. I just end up being confused and leave, so I always bring a buddy. I also think this is because I don’t wear my glasses so I can’t really see anything.

How are you planning to disrupt Hollywood?

Oh god, well by continuing to exist and not get bogged down by the pressures that comes with being a participant first and foremost. But I also think by creating opportunities for myself where I see a gap that needs to be filled. I love the idea of having creative agency and not just waiting for the phone to ring.

What your go to coffee order?

It changes every time depending on the place, but usually some form of latte!

What advice would you give your 15 year old self?

Probably that there is a light on the other side. I think I was in a really strange limbo at 15; I was at this intersection of life where I was really thriving professionally, but not so much personally. To get to experience both is so incredibly fulfilling.

What the best advice any one has ever given you?

I remember Whoopi Goldberg pulling me aside in her dressing room and she told me that no matter the circumstance, people will always have stuff to say, there’s always going to be a negative opinion or someone disagreeing with what you’re doing and you just have to keep going. 

What song is your 2024 soundtrack?

FTCU by Nicki Minaj

What is your beauty philosophy?

Less is more. So do more and make it look like less.

What beauty product do you swear by? 

Probably my large bottle of Aquaphor.

What are 5 items always in your purse?

I get made fun of by my purse by all my friends. I found it in a bucket in Paris for 5 euros and from that day on, I have never worn another bag. So much is in there: Chapstick, headphones, receipts, candy, and my glasses.

What does love mean to you?

Oh my hm… just off the top of my head, for me, love is safety. Being a safety net for another person unconditionally. Doesn’t mean they won’t let you fall, but they won’t let you hit the ground.

How would modern day Josie survive in the period of Buccaneers?

Probably not well. I’m quite loud and don’t take well to authority. I think they’d have me walk the plank.

What is your New Year’s resolution?

So I typically don’t do resolutions, I mainly do birthday wishes for the following year, but I’ve been telling everyone I just want to get shit done this year. In every way.

Your sun is in Leo do you feel you are true leo fire baby also whats your moon and rising?

I’ve been told I’m all the good parts of a Leo and not the bad parts, and I like to agree with that notion. My moon is in Pisces (depression) and my rising is in Capricorn (workaholic).

What is next for you in 2024?

I’m excited for season 2 of the Buccaneers and Faces of Death, a horror movie I got to do. And then hopefully being consistent with Pilates. 

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