Jennifer Lopez Performed Her New Dr. Luke Single on TV & People Aren’t Happy

ICYMI, yesterday Jennifer Lopez released an empowering female anthem that was written by Meghan Trainor and produced by Dr. Luke. Yes, that Dr. Luke.

Of course, it’s already in the top 10 on the iTunes charts.

#AintYourMama TOMORROW on iTunes!!!#NewSingle @applemusic

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The song is called “Ain’t Your Mama” and despite its horribly catchy chorus, a lot of people are not about it, which is fair because Dr. Luke is “allegedly” pond scum and the fact that he has a high-profile single coming out in the wake of Kesha’s case against him getting dismissed is a horrible sign that his career is probably going to go on with minor hitches.

Still, that didn’t keep Jennifer Lopez from performing it last night on the finale of American Idol. 

Happening TONIGHT on the @americanidol FINALE! First performance of #AintYourMama. Get Ready!!

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During her performance she wore a white ruffle dress/apron which she then ripped off to preform one of her better songs, “Let’s Get Loud.”

Don’t get it twisted, guys: @jlo is NOT your mama. #IdolFinale #AintYourMama

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Surprisingly, a lot of people liked the performance, probably because a lot of people aren’t that woke. Or you know, they just really like J Lo.

Some people did notice the connection between the single and Dr. Luke and they’re not happy.

Ultimately though, none of this will matter. People will forget Jennifer Lopez ever did this while Dr. Luke will go on to become the Chris Brown of producers. Hated by everyone, and yet still somehow making fat stacks.  

The most surprising thing is that J. Lo somehow didn’t know better, but we’re sure a statement from her people is forthcoming.

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