Jennifer Aniston doesn’t know why Rachel’s nipples were always out on Friends either

Since people are babies, it’s a commonly made observation that Jennifer Aniston’s nipples were frequently poking out of her shirt on Friends.

While there have been numerous theories as to why her nipples were always out — NBC wanted to bump up the show’s sex appeal, it was really cold, Jennifer wasn’t ever wearing bras — Jennifer Aniston has officially added her two cents.

She doesn’t know what to tell you. That’s just the way her boobs are.

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On August 10th, the anniversary of Kylie Jenner’s birth, Vogue ran a story called “Jennifer Aniston on Bringing the #FreeTheNipple Moment to the Masses First.”

When asked how she felt about Rachel Green being called the “OG of #FreeTheNipple,” Jennifer Aniston said this:

“Yeah, I don’t know what to say about that! It’s just one of those things, I guess. I wear a bra. I don’t know what to tell ya! And I don’t know why we’re supposed to be ashamed of them — it’s just the way my breasts are! But hey, OG, I’m not going to complain!”

Although as a card-carrying member of the party pooper club, it’s my duty to point out that Rachel Greene never freed the nipple on Friends because you can’t free the nipple on primetime, basic cable TV. Unless you’re a man. Or a boy. Or a baby.

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Freeing the nipple doesn’t mean that you can see somebody’s nipples get hard through a t-shirt. Freeing the nipple means you can literally see somebody’s actual nipple, either because they’re topless or because the shirt they are wearing is literally see-through.

But hey, Vogue’s just trying to be relevant over here. Can’t blame a mom for trying to prove they’re not a regular mom, they’re a cool mom who knows things!

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[H/T Cosmopolitan]

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