Vogue’s Shading Cover Star Katy Perry’s Old Style

Vogue has a lot to say about their new cover girl Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”-era style and it’s all deliciously shady.

As the premiere fashion authority in the world dahling, Vogue likes to take it upon themselves to let pop stars know how tacky and tragic they used to be before they started drinking the high fashion Kool-Aid. Yesterday, it was Katy’s turn to have Vogue read her like a harlequin romance novel.

Look no further than the headline Vogue chose for their cover story on her:

“Katy Perry is Leaving Her Cutesy Style Behind and Going Androgynous, Architectural, and Political.”

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And just in case that was too subtle for you, they followed that feature up with a full story on her style transformation under the remarkably rude headline, “Katy Perry’s Beauty Evolution, From Candy-Colored Everything to Platinum Chic.” Here’s how it appeared in their newsletter:


Honestly, Vogue might as well have said, “We think Katy used to dress like she shopped at Party City, but don’t worry because she’s doing great now.”

Say it with me: shady.

And it’s no mistake that for the photo spread that went with the cover story, Vogue nudged Katy even further in the high fashion direction.

They’re trying to tell the world that it’s okay to take Katy Perry seriously as a woke celebrity now because she’s serious now — and if you don’t believe us, just look at the way we’ve got her dressing now.

She’s so serious she can’t even smile.

Although seeing as how Katy Perry can’t stop cracking jokes about all the photos they took of her, it seems like maybe Vogue managed to take the California Gurl out of the whipped cream boobs, but they didn’t manage to take the whipped cream boobs out of the California Gurl.

When u don’t trust the airline pillows 😞@voguemagazine @commedesgarcons

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Sorry, Vogue.

Maybe if you were nicer she would have played along better.

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