Jena Rose is a pop princess who styles her own tour wardrobe

Singer Jena Rose is living every teenage girl’s dream. At just 17 years old, the singer has toured with the likes of the Plain White T’s, AJR, Why Don’t We, and most currently, Indie-pop sensation Echosmith.

Plus, she gets to do it all with her boyfriend/drummer Hunter Knoche. Talk about goals AF.

While most upcoming artists tend to be hand-created by labels and PR teams, Jena seems to stick pretty true to her own style, which was one of the first things I noticed about her when we’d met on the NYC leg of the Inside a Dream tour.

In fact, Jena actually styles her tour wardrobe all on her own, with the help of her mom. I recently chatted with Jena about her tour wardrobe planning process, what it’s been like being on the road and her new EP, “Reasons.”

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You’re on tour with Echosmith right now, how has that been?
It’s amazing! It’s the longest tour I’ve been on and I really feel like I’m learning and growing so much!

Sydney (Sierota, lead singer of Echosmith) is a another strong female artist. Have you taken anything away from her or the group in general? Have they offered you any advice?

It’s always great to meet and be around a strong female artist. I feel like I can relate to her so much and she has been so sweet! The group is all so welcoming and have taught me a lot in such a short amount of time.

You have a new EP out called “Reasons” – can you tell us a little bit about it?

“Reasons” is a collection of 7 songs I wrote on my piano in my bedroom. Each one tells a different, unique story and I hope listeners can relate to it!

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How has the crowd responded to performing some of the songs live?

The crowds have been incredible! I’ve been trying different techniques to get them involved and having fun! It’s been so rewarding putting all of my energy into each show and watching the crowd’s reaction.

I heard you style your own wardrobe for tour! What are some essential pieces you take with you on the road?

My mom and I have been a team with planning outfits for the tour! Since it’s 25 shows, I can’t wear a different outfit each show, so we’ve been having to find the perfect statement pieces to mix and match with! Some essential pieces are crop tops and wide legged, colorful pants!

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Do you keep any emergency beauty products in your bag/suitcase?

I always have a nail file, eyelash glue, and chapstick in my bag at all times!!

Do you like to plan out what you wear for shows or is it more of a spur of the moment situation?

Somedays I know exactly what I want to wear and then other days I just throw something together and hope it works! It’s all about finding whatever makes me feel the most confident everyday.

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I notice you wear a lot of bright colors and fun patterns and textures. What’s your key to making that look work without being too over bearing?

I love catching the audience’s eye on stage! If I wear patterned pants, I try to pair them with a solid top to balance it off. If I wear a more simple outfit one day, I might add sparkles to my eye makeup! It’s just about being spontaneous, while also slightly simplistic.

Do you ever get fashion inspiration from the people in the audience or fans you meet on the road?

Yes, I do! I get to meet so many people with different styles that inspire me so much. I love putting my own spin of the trends I see on the road!

Lastly, If you had to wear one outfit every night on tour, what would it be and why?

I’d wear my I.AM.GIA 2 piece Polaris set with my giant yellow faux fur coat over! It’s my favorite outfit to wear on stage since it is so bright and fun! And I always love to throw on a fun coat to add a bit of my personality to my outfits.

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Photos by Keri Dolan

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