Your favorite jeans from the ’00s are officially back in style

Mercury is officially out of retrograde, but, before you rejoice, an unexpected denim style just brought itself back to life from the grave: the bootcut jean. 

Rather than blaming Mercury Rx for bringing back this quintessentially ’00s style, let’s just say that this is one of the “better” comeback trends to wear compared to the ultra low rise jean, which is still probably better off dead.

Like the Wheel of Fortune, the cyclical nature of denim trends always stops wherever the pointer is at. Given that celebs have the upper hand to control the game, it’s now fair to say they are yes, trending again.

Former actress, turned Prince Harry’s bride-to-be, Meghan Markle, OG supermodel, Cindy Crawford, and even Bella Hadid have all recently been spotted wearing a pair of bootcut denim! Given that this style peaked in the early to mid 2000s (before being replaced by the skinny jean), these celebrities prove that what once was dead never truly dies.

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While the bootcut is extremely similar to the flare, it’s more of a Frankenstein hybrid of the latter and the straight leg. Basically, the leg is slightly baggy (like a pair of 501s), but the flare starts at/below the knee.

Bordering in the middle between relaxed and fitted, the pure magic of achieving both aesthetics is what made the bootcut a true icon in its heyday. Here is a list of the 8 pairs you need to score.

1. The pair you wish Paris Hilton gave you

Tunnel Vision Vintage Y2K Ride It flare jeans – $72

If you are a purveyor of all things vintage, dig deeper for Tunnel Vision. This store has unique eye-catching denim that makes you look like you spent more than $300. However, its budget-friendly price proves that you can score great vintage without breaking the bank, such as this pair.

This pick also has the quintessential ’00s lace-up detail. You can easily channel Paris Hilton by wearing it with a chainmail halter top, teeny, tiny handbag and glitter lip gloss.

2. The preppy-meets-disco

Pepe Jeans Moffit bootcut jeans – $87

Remember those super cool flare jeans your mom used to wear when she was in high school? Apparently, Pepe Jeans just pulled out her #1 staple.

Packed with two welt pockets and a bit of subtle shimmer, it’s the perfect hybrid of collegiate prep (think Ali McGraw in “Love Story”) and disco. To make yourself look like you took a trip down memory lane, style it with a cropped rainbow sweater, brown ankle boots and a saddle bag.

3. The whiteout

Levi’s 517 Cropped Boot Cut – $98

White jeans are quite a departure from your indigos, as it has the potential to unintentionally catch stains. However, this pair from Levi’s begs to differ, as it was born to be worn outside the house.

You can go all monochromatic with it and wear all white, or contrast the pair with a gray graphic tee and black boots.

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4. The better-than-Spanx

Levi’s 315 Shaping Bootcut Jean – $69.50

To all my girls who are beyond a standard size, you do not need to be ashamed of denim shopping. Rather than wearing Spanx under your jeans (which some of us have definitely tried), this pair instantly gives you that tight feel without all the discomfort.

This denim also has a super flattering mid-rise. Believe it or not, you will never throw these away as they will be the best pair you’ve ever had in your life!

5. The not-so-vintage, vintage

RE/DONE By Levi’s High-rise bootcut jeans – $120

RE/DONE is one of the more top-tier designer denim brands, but you can’t refuse the quality, shape, and amazing craftsmanship that comes with each pair.

Made from a reworked pair of vintage Levi’s, these bootcut jeans feel ridiculously fresh thanks to their high waisted silhouette. You can pair these with a cropped, suede, fringe jacket and cowboy boots for the ultimate cool girl look.

6. The 2000s party denim

AE Denim X Kick bootcut jeans – $37.46

If you want the ultimate 2000s look, don’t sleep on American Eagle. Bleaching, whiskers, and artfully placed rips are the key to making each pair a smoke show.

Knowing that extreme distressed jeans were the status quo back in the day, this pair brings back the best of the 2000s. These jeans can be worn with anything, and the dark wash can match any shade, style, and texture.

7. The avant garde pair

RtA Distressed high-rise bootcut jeans – $98

Celeb-loved label, RtA, knows what’s good. Rather than sticking to the conventional two pocket denim and mid-rise, these bad gals have a super high-waist, patch pockets at the front, and only one pocket at the back.

While the style is quite daring, it immediately elevates your outfit from 0 to 10. In fact, you can easily be passed off for a supermodel! Pair these with super chunky Docs, a cropped sweatshirt, mini backpack, and a cowboy hat for the ultimate festival look.

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8. The cold weather friendly denim

Not exactly denim, but these corduroy pants def feel as soft as your favorite jeans! If you are a Bella Hadid superfan, you will probably want to land your hands on these as you can copy her look with a blazer, bra top, boots, tiny sunglasses, and beret.

Unlike black or blue, these bordeaux pants don’t feel basic. While red seems like a scary color to wear, it flatters all skin tones. You can even wear it with a puffer jacket, turtleneck, t-shirt, and sneakers for a laid back, but chic, vibe for cold nights.

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