Sage Charmaine’s “Not Really” music video was made by an all-female team

Everyone knows that the entertainment industry is totally teeming with dudes which makes finding a female director or producer kinda difficult to say the least. This can be especially difficult when your video calls for a lot of girlie shit and sexy/cheeky vibes that only your closest girlfriends would understand. 

Fifteen year old electro-pop singer Sage Charmaine has been in the industry since she was just seven years old, both on television and, of course, as a singer. Sage recently released her newest single, “Not Really,” which is a sexy, authentic, hype song that is also pretty angsty (she kills a dude in the video and we are loving it).

When it came time to film the music video for the song, she knew she wanted a female crew who understood her vision for the song. “I would consider myself a feminist, and I definitely believe women deserve the same rights as men. In 2018, we’ve definitely come a long way, but I really hope there will be more cool opportunities for women in the industry,” Sage says.

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The video was directed and written by Emma Sydney Menzies, known for her music video treatments for artists like Ariana Grande and Migos. This was combined with the talents of producer/actress, Brooke Markham — who you may recognize from the scary af movie, “Friend Request.”

Sage says she didn’t have a completely female crew, though, since there are some very talented dudes out there, too. She just wanted to make sure there were as many women working on the project as possible — the crew also included female art directors, set photographers, stylists, makeup artists, co-producers, and production assistants. 

Whew, that’s a mouthful!

I knew I wanted to portray sexy vibes and that I wanted a really kick ass and empowering group of people around me! Not that men aren’t, but I feel like, in this industry, women are really underestimated in their abilities,” Sage adds.

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The video mashes together the sweet style of a 90’s Liv Tyler and B-Horror movie vibes as Sage Charmaine literally injects her guy with “glitter love poison.” With some throwbacks to famous films like “Lolita,” an ode to Harley Quinn’s baseball bat, and a pretty bad ass pink race car (made for an actual Playmate in the 60’s) — this video takes a cheeky stance on being undecided about a dude you’re sorta into, and sorta not.

“The song is about being indecisive. You want something, but at the same time, you know it’s bad for you,” Sage says.

And for those who may be thinking she killed her guy in this video, Sage adds “I wanted my video to be totally fun and show the imagination of having a dual personality — being both bad and good at the same time. I’m completely against violence — the video is all for fun!”

Photos by Kat Prescott

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