Ivanka’s PR Would Love You to Copy Her Look For $10k

Ivanka Trump may have just gotten her first placement in the Trump Administration, but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to give up on her first love: using the family name to hawk tacky luxury items.

Following her appearance on Trump’s “60 Minutes” interview, the Vice President of Sales for Ivanka Trump’s Fine Jewelry sent out an e-mail to some very lucky journalists detailing the $10,800 bracelet Ivanka wore on the program and encouraging them to “share this with your clients.”

This in and of itself is not surprising.

That’s what sales people do.

Their client goes on a nationally broadcast television program and then they sound out emails saying, “did you see how pretty that thing was, go tell your readers to buy it.”

Of course, the president-elect’s family isn’t usually in a position to make money off their recent good fortune, but what else did you expect?

They’re Trumps.

Needless to say, these e-mails haven’t quite had the positive effect Ivanka’s VP of sales probably intended.

Your family can’t win ’em all, Ivanka.

[H/T The Cut]

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