Ireland Baldwin is a huge fan of our favorite weed store, MedMen

MedMen is, undoubtedly, one of the most recognizable names in the cannabis industry in 2018.

The brand officially has 18 locations, including a newly opened Abbott Kinney location. This is particularly amazing, due to the fact that Abbot Kinney has long since been a famous shopping district for LA’s finest.

MedMen doesn’t just carry all your favorite cannabis products and brands – it offers them all up in a welcoming, efficient, and safe environment. Plus, everyone who works at their locations is an expert of their product. Any question you have can be fully answered.

The cannabis chain is also super dedicated to breaking down the stigma of what the word “stoner” means.

Obviously, “stoner” comes with some negative implications. But why?

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MedMen released a campaign called, “Forget Stoner,” and it includes billboards or everyday people from every background and job type imaginable, and depicts them as just that – normal, everyday people, who just happen to smoke weed. Why they smoke weed? Well, that’s not anyone’s business in the first place. It could be for fun, for health, or anything else – it truly shouldn’t matter either way.

They are trying to redefine the word stoner in a positive and real way. Even in places like California where marijuana is becoming increasingly legal, there is still such a stigma around it.

So many celebs, friends of yours, and friends of mine are obsessed with MedMen. It’s the place to be – the Apple store of weed. Celebs like Ireland Baldwin, totally stan MedMen and its wide range of amazing products. Ireland even attended the Abbot Kinney location opening party. The store is in “her neck of the woods,” she says, and she’s a big MedMen fan.

We sat down with the model and DJ to discuss her favorite things from the MedMen shelves, her positive journey with marijuana use, and how weed keeps her centered. Check it out below!

Tell us about the new MedMen Abbot Kinney location!

The AK location was so cute and convenient! Right in my neck of the woods.

What do you think MedMen brings to the table as far as normalizing marijuana consumption?

I think that MedMen is really pushing the “stoner” stereotype in a corner and really giving a platform to all different kinds of people who wish to smoke marijuana freely without a label.

How important is it to you to end the stigma of marijuana users? 

Marijuana doesn’t make you lazy or stupid or incompetent. It only can if you want it to. That’s where I think education comes in. There are strains that help you accomplish things, there are strains that mellow you out. It’s about knowing what works for you and how you want to feel. Education will end the stigma.

How are you redefining the word stoner? 

I smoke nearly everyday of my life. I take week-long, and even month-long, breaks. I don’t take prescription pills for anything. Not anxiety and not insomnia – nothing. I value my health and what I put into my body dearly, and I’m very much against the pharmaceutical industry in certain aspects.

I grew up homeopathic. I hardly took Motrin or Advil. I don’t rely on marijuana, but it does very much so aid my anxiety and my insomnia. It takes away my pains if I sprain an ankle or have a headache. It’s a beautiful gift this earth provided for us. But yes, people do find ways to abuse it – like all things. I’m not lazy. I don’t lay on my couch and rip my bong and eat Pringles all day.

Even though that sounds nice.

How do you incorporate marijuana into your life? How does it keep you centered?

I smoke when I want to unwind. I smoke when I want to get creative. I have all different reasons to smoke when I feel like it. The most important thing smoking weed has done for me is truly helped when my anxiety ails me. It has helped me relax so much and laugh the little things off.

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People try to normalize marijuana by saying it’s purely medicinal, but obviously that’s not always the case (and it’s not a great stance to have). What are some non-medicinal ways you use marijuana?

Sometimes I just want to watch a really intense movie or a really stupid movie and I want to laugh my ass off. Sometimes I want to eat really good food and I want to taste all the flavors. The medicinal aspect is very important, but sometimes I just wanna get stoned.

You’re also a big fan of CBD. What are your favorite CBD products and why?

I’ve been using CBD body balms lately for back and neck pains. Works like a charm.

Go-to pick at MedMen?

Canndescent. They have the most incredible bud ever. I can’t deal with it.

Best part about MedMen’s dispensary process?

It’s so informative and helpful. You really know what you’re buying.

What kind of “stoner” are you?

Depends on what I smoke, but I’m typically the laugh until I’m crying kind, or the twelve bags of popcorn later kind.

Favorite MedMen location?

I would have to say Abott Kinney now!

How important is it to you that marijuana be fully legalized and why?

I think it’s time we accept what it has done for people and how it has helped so many. I mean, alcohol is great, but it’s so terrible for you. It rots your insides. It’s crazy how alcohol is looked at by society the way it is and then marijuana is like, some deathly, man-eating plant from hell.

What do you have to say to the marijuana haters? Any words to say to those who think it’s just a drug for “couch bodies?”

Try it.

Favorite strain?

Don’t have a favorite. Always depends on the mood.

Favorite vape brand?

I really like Dosist. So good.

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Favorite place to get high and zone out?

In bed or at a beautiful garden somewhere. Or Joshua Tree or Big Sur.

Favorite munchies snack?

Cheese fries.

What advice do you have for marijuana first timers?

Go slow and take the time to figure out what you like. Smoke with fun, encouraging people. Don’t forget the brownies in the oven.


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