This Lit Kit is the perfect 4/20 gift for marijuana newbies

Dubbed the “Glossier of weed accessories” by Merry Jane, House of Puff is taking over the market for marijuana newbies.

If you are dying to move on from “all I smoke is my vape,” or if you only smoke when something has been handed to you, the Lit Kit by House of Puff is probably going to be your savior.

When you first receive the package for the Lit Kit, you might roll your eyes and think, “Is this just another gimmick hidden behind great aesthetic?” It’s white and millennial pink color theme can give off that vibe that makes you think it’s just another trendy Instagram brand trying for the marijuana industry.

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Sometimes, trendy marijuana companies can be frustrating when there’s literally black men doing hard time for selling a dime. But, there’s many companies I have come by that are a happy medium – they understand what’s going on culturally with marijuana on all fronts, but know that aesthetic is important for customers to notice the brand.

“We’re just starting to see brands take note and include women in the modern cannabis narrative. It’s paramount to us that women feel comfortable talking about their cannabis use. We hope they find our products not only easy to use, but also consider them a stepping stone into having an open dialogue about cannabis with those around them,” says Kristina Aducci, the House of Puff Founder.

There are women who are hardworking and smart that don’t fit the ‘stoner’ stereotype and House of Puff was created for them, by them. We have more going on then smoking cannabis. We’re ruling the world and making shit happen.

I was pleasantly surprised with House of Puff and their Lit Kit. While their target consumer seems to be younger (and sure, a bit trendier, like me), their basic mission is awesome for anyone that’s into expanding their marijuana horizons.

From a millennial gal wanting to learn how to roll to an older woman suffering from chronic pain to a young man trying to find a more concealed way to carry around his gear, this Lit Kit can be useful to a lot of people.

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Once you get past the packaging, you realize there’s something important to be said about a tiny, portable kit for all of your smoking needs. Inside of the Lit Kit carrying case is the following: rolling papers, House of Puff‘s “le pipe,” matches, a crutch card, an herb case, and a “high-tide” scented candle.

I myself have never attempted to roll a joint, mainly because I’m uncoordinated and terrible with handling small things. But, for the sake of research, I overcame my innate fear of this activity. It’s a good thing the Lit Kit literally comes with a how-to guide on rolling. It has steps, visuals, and heavy description.

And guess what?

SUCESS! I was actually able to roll a joint and I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of myself (is this sad?). I really did it! Now, that’s not to say I didn’t struggle (heavily), but hey, at least I completed the task. That’s more than most people can say (like me 10 mins ago).

The guide also has a how-to on the usage of the “le pipe,” aka the cutest little pipe you ever did see.

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This pipe basically looks like a ceramic art-piece that maybe your gifted nephew made you in arts class. It’s cute as hell, let’s all agree right now. My only concerns with this pipe was 1. the weed falling out and 2. pulling scooby snacks through as I pull. Neither of these things happened. The Lit Kit has aced test #2.

As for the matches, herb case, and crutch card, these are just all awesome additions to any marijuana kit. The herb case is your basic herb case, but it’s awesome because it’s small, plain, and concealable. This is perfect for anyone wanting to be a bit more discreet about carrying. The matches are just nice to have around, for the weed or the candle, and the crutch card is just funny af for any smoking circle.

The Lit Kit, to me, is a big win. This is because not only does everything actually work (unlike many “kits” I’ve tried), it has other benefits. It’s aesthetically pleasing, meaning that most people wouldn’t guess what any of it is for – personally, I am glad that we’ve moved on from bright green, let’s-slap-a-weed-leaf-on-it gear.

This was their mission, too. “We want our customer to feel comfortable leaving their House of Puff products out on their coffee table. We want our products to look and feel like high-end merchandise from a distance. Most cannabis products look like they belong down in a basement or out in the garage. We want to place our products in your living room or on your nightstand,” says House of Puff.

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I also couldn’t agree more. Now, I understand that people have their preferences, and that sometimes retro, kitschy weed gear is a stoner’s forté, but I personally could use cuter, more classic gear in my life. This kit does look high-end, too, and at a pretty reasonable price of $79.

This kit is concealable on every level, it’s portable (I can fit it in my smallest purse), it’s convenient, and it comes with a pretty delicious smelling candle. The Lit Kit is practical for any customer who needs, or wants, to keep their smoking on the DL while upping their skills.

If you’re looking for something to keep your private life private, looking to learn how to roll, or just looking to add some simple, gorgeous weed accessories to your collection, look no further than House Of Puff and their Lit Kit.

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