This ultra luxe, Apple-inspired cannabis store opens in NYC today

We’re inching closer and closer to finally legalizing cannabis nationwide, and New York is taking big steps towards that today – yes, on 4/20.

NYC is finally getting it’s first mainstream, storefront dispensary today on 5th Ave – one that’s extremely luxurious and reminiscent of a tech store. It’s even been called the “Apple Store” of weed. 

We’ve been compared to the Apple Store a few times for a reason📱

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The California-based company, called MedMen, has stores coast-to-coast. But, their brand new location on 5th Ave speaks volumes to their efforts to make cannabis more mainstream and well, accessible. There are only two other dispensaries in Manhattan (basically doctors offices), and as marijuana popularity grows, we can only expect, and hope, that more businesses like MedMen to pop-up.

Med Men has a whole campaign right now based on the idea that we need to make marijuana consumption and marijuana businesses a more accepted practice. The campaign is called #ForgetStoner – an attempt to break the stigmas around the lazy-couch-potato-stoner stereotype.

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Everyone from Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast to LA drag scene icon, Lady Red, is included on their website speaking out against the cultural stigmas around consuming cannabis. Yes, even in the city of New York there are still people who have insane misconceptions about marijuana and it’s benefits.

Galore was invited to the opening reception earlier this week, and it was pretty impressive. The new store itself is immaculate and interactive with informational touch tablets – really making it feel more like an “Apple Store” compared to any other dispensary I’ve been to.

Now, they don’t sell loose-leaf bud, but they do have super potent oil cartridges, pills, and even droppers. The store has several pharmacists on site, and every staff member is (of course) knowledgable in helping you find the right solutions with cannabis.

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While this might be exciting, New York still requires that you have a medical recommendation before purchasing weed from regulated dispensaries like MedMen. Recreational weed has become a hot topic of discussion, and a real possibility, because the New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, just flipped his view on legalization.

Luckily, the ability to obtain these documents has never been easier with the legalization of medical marijuana in 2014.

The store is located at 433 5th Avenue and is open until 10 pm tonight. It’s open to the public, so even if you don’t have the proper recommendations, you can still go check it out!

Happy 4/20 – stay safe, have fun, and let’s work towards legalization and decriminalization!

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