Iggy Azalea claims she 3-way called Britney Spears and Demi Lovato to laugh at Halsey

If you’ve been trying to ignore whatever “feud” was going down between Iggy Azalea and Halsey the past couple of days, sorry, but Iggy is prolonging it.

In the middle of a two-hour long marathon of replying to random people on Twitter, Iggy claimed she 3-way called Britney Spears and Demi Lovato so they could all laugh at Halsey together.

Okay fine, Iggy. You have our attention now.

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This afternoon, right after she replied to one of her fans who suggested Iggy fake her own death to get out of her recording contract with Def Jam, Iggy Azalea said enough was enough.

It was Halsey time.

In case you didn’t know, Halsey recently called Iggy Azalea a “fucking moron,” and went on the record of saying she’s never record a song with her because of Iggy’s “blatant disrespect for black culture.”

So Iggy did what anyone would do in the situation. By shading Halsey with everybody’s favorite diss: “I don’t know her.”

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It was funny and Iggy scored herself a rare winning moment. But then, because she’s Iggy Azalea, she just had to keep talking.

Although to be fair, at least one person was literally asking for her to do this. And this person’s name was @johnnyharlot who literally asked her,“Why do you think Halsey targeted you in her series of celebrity insults?”

“I dunno,” Iggy responded. “Me, Brit, demi etc all got on a call like mean girls and we laughed about it.”

And then when @ReginaRodhamPhalange chimed in with a “Seriusly?!”, Iggy said, “No, I’m just fucking with you…or am I?”

What do you think?

Is she? Is she not?

Honestly, to paraphrase the words of Amanda Bynes, “I actually don’t know any of them.”

Over and out.

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