Huddy Clues Us In On His Debut Album “Teenage Heartbreak”, His Collaboration With Glamnetic, and His Upcoming Performance at the WHEN WE WERE YOUNG Festival

Singer-songwriter Huddy (aka Chase Hudson) released his debut album, Teenage Heartbreak, in September of 2021 to rave reviews. Having already established himself as an artist to watch, landing on Billboard’s ’21 Under 21’ list and Forbes’ ’30 Under 30’ lists in 2021, HUDDY has amassed huge following on social media with over 11.9 million on Instagram, 32.3 million followers and 1.7 billion likes on Tik Tok

Teenage Heartbreak is full of power punk anthems and is a culmination of HUDDY’s signature style cultivated by the raw and restless angst of post-internet era adolescence. HUDDY says about the album, ‘I could not be more excited to finally release my very first album, ‘Teenage Heartbreak’! I worked so hard to put together a project that I feel perfectly represents who I am as an artist, and I hope to be able to connect with my fans on a deeper level through each song.  Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive throughout this entire journey so far. This is only just the beginning!’

His debut album includes singles ’21st Century Vampire,’ ‘The Eulogy Of You and Me,’ which was produced by Travis Barker, ‘America’s Sweetheart,’ and ‘Don’t Freak Out’ featuring iann dior, All-American Rejects’ front man Tyson Ritter and Travis Barker. PAPER declared ’21st Century Vampire’ a ‘snarling bop.’ ‘The Eulogy of You and Me’ was heralded by the Los Angeles Times as ‘a pop-punk earworm with a venomous bite.’ HUDDY himself was labeled by Billboard as transitioning from ‘the crown prince of TikTok to bona fide breakout star of Zoomer pop-punk.’ Huddy is also set to perform at the sold out and highly anticipated WHEN WE WERE YOUNG festival in October in Las Vegas.

In addition to his music, Huddy collaborated with Glamnetic on 10 different sets of gel nail stickers. He also recently joined Patreon, making the popular independent subscription service the only place fans will be able to access never-before-seen lifestyle content including videos, photos, and more.

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We would like to know how you feel with the release of your debut album Teenage Heartbreak?

I feel inspired. It definitely left me with a structured sense of what releasing an album means and how important each song on the record is. I noticed that, when I was making the album, I held it so close to me for a really long time. After the single rollouts, seeing how things were changing and starting to realize how musicians grow with their music as it evolves was really cool to experience. When I make newer music, I feel like I taste a different flavor since I am growing alongside the artistic process as well. 

How do you feel your fans reacted to Teenage Heartbreak, and on social media specifically?

I loved seeing how my fans reacted to each of the different songs. Putting out a single is one thing, but releasing multiple tracks at the same time is a completely different type of adrenaline rush. It was cool watching my fans’ reactions on Twitter because that’s where I read and get to interact with my fans the most. To this day, my fans are still super engaged with the album, and that’s really exciting to see since it came out last year.  

You are constantly in the studio working on music, what is your song writing process like?

I usually start a studio session with an hour of getting to know each other if it’s new people that I am working with. If it’s people I have worked with before, I will play some of the stuff they haven’t heard yet to create a general vibe in the room and spark ideas for what we can do in the studio that day. We usually start with a guitar pattern that we all like, and then straight to the papers for writing ! 

Your success and your work demonstrate your dedication to your craft. How do you maintain your balance? Where do you draw inspiration from?

I feel more driven and excited to work when I am in the studio, so most of my free-flowing ideas will come after a session. I spend a lot of down time at my house with my friends, and that helps me maintain my own mental balance. 

If Teenage Heartbreak could be an ice cream flavor, which would it be?

It would be strawberry gelato because gelato is a little less creamy and a little more flavorful. The color red within Teenage Heartbreak symbolizes the pain, and the color white symbolizes the peace. 

You collaborated with Glamnetic on 10 different sets of gel nail stickers, this is so cool! How did this collaboration come about? How did you decide on the designs? Did you focus on your favorite colors?

I already had a pretty strong sense of what my color palette was, so it was easy to translate that into the nail sets. The actual designs were a bit harder. I wanted to use tattoos, symbols that defined who I am, and animal print and stars for a cooler, more punk touch to it. 

We love your instagram feed, it highlights your lifestyle and fashion sense. How would you describe your style?

I wear both streetwear and high fashion, and I fall somewhere in between the two of them. I have always been interested in the whole spectrum of fashion. I also have been fascinated by the goth aesthetic and have incorporated that into my personal style. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to spend quality time with people that I care about, go out to dinner, watch movies, travel and see new places, and hang out at my house with my friends. 

You are performing at  WHEN WE WERE YOUNG Festival in Las Vegas later this year. What about this performance are you most excited about?

I am excited to see all the bands come together for the first time in a really long time. I love watching performances and getting inspiration from other artists. It’s crazy to think that I am even one of the people on that list, and I am really honored. 

If you could organize your own festival, what would be the name of it and who would you want to perform with?

I’m not sure about the name yet, but I would love to have a mix of bands with emo rappers. Just to name a few, I would include: MGK, Yungblud, Lil Uzi Vert, City Morgue, $uicideBoy$, Avril Lavigne, blackbear, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, MÃ¥neskin, Pierce the Veil, Arctic Monkeys, Post Malone, jxdn, Blink-182, and Falling in Reverse. I would definitely have Motley Crue and Ozzy Osbourne headline. 

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