Here’s How Many People Admit To Sharing Sexts With Their Friends

In 2007, sexting might as well have been a new, horrible STD. It was frowned upon by all… but I still did it, on my flip phone, no less.

Today, sexting still has its risks, but it’s not the taboo behavior it once was. One study even found that sending nudes could be the key to a happy relationship.

But if whoever you’re sexting decides to pass those photos around, it could be life-ruining. And unfortunately, a recent study says that 23% of people between the ages of 21 and 75 reported sharing their private sexts with over three friends.

With every titty pic or naughty text you send (even if it’s via Snapchat) you run the risk of being exposed — literally. You have no way to know that your cleverly angled nude pic isn’t being passed around a bro group-chat called “savages” or being posted on a fraternity Facebook group. And unfortunately, once your sexy ass pic leaves your hands, it’s out of your hands.

There have been sexting horror stories, like the time I sexted my boss or the time these people had even more embarrassing sexting mishaps, but just like every other thing that’s kinda bad for you, sexting is fucking fun.

That being said, sexting your boo of three years is different than sexting your latest Tinder match. A partner should def earn your trust before getting to see the goods via iPhone. It’s never a bad idea to send body shots rather than pics that involve your face. And if you need collateral, just make sure they send you a nude back.

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