How MAKJ Maintains His Long Distance Relationship While On Tour

Festival season is upon us; which means cute crop tops, hot Instagram selfies, and sexy DJs.

California native MAKJ has played some of the world’s biggest music festivals in the past few years; including Ultra, Coachella, and TomorrowWorld. He also earned a spot in DJ Mag’s Top 100 List last year. We talked to MAKJ about his festival essentials, how he maintains his long distance relationship, and his secret taco spot.

What’s your favorite music festival?

Probably Coachella 2014 when I got to play and bring my parents who had never seen me perform before. It was definitely eye opening for them.

What’s the sexiest thing a girl can wear to a music festival?

Sexiest? I would say what’s the most comfortable thing a girl could wear. Going to a festival and trying to be “sexy” doesn’t necessarily make you sexy. Being able to rock a plain tee, shorts, and some Vans is the look I always find attractive.

What are the top five things everyone needs to bring to a music festival?

An extra Grapes The Cat rechargeable battery for your cell phone, comfortable shoes, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, and good friends.

You’ve tweeted that “tacos are life,” what are your favorite type of tacos? Where’s your favorite taco spot?

Honestly, I shouldn’t even be telling you guys my spot I go to, but it’s. Tacos El Franc in Tijuana. Honestly, it might have the best Tacos Al Pastor you can find in the world. Go ahead and quote me on that.

You’re from Cali, but you spent time in China during your teenage years, how do you think that shaped you as a person?

It helped me learn how to fend for myself. I was 15 years old in a foreign country, which was scary at first, but ultimately an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. It taught me a lot about other cultures, it made me grow up.

You originally were pursuing race car driving, but then decided to go into DJing, what do the two activities have in common? Why was DJing your ultimate decision?

Racing and DJing have only one similarity I’ve come across, which is mind over body. Being able to focus while going 170mph is similar to playing in front of 40,000 people. Having the ability to just focus on the task at hand is what I’ve learned from both professions. I actually fell into DJing while I was racing in Macau, China. After the race, the team and myself all went out to a club and low and behold DJ AM was playing. I had never seen anything like it before, the next day I went out and bought some turntables and the rest was history.

What other passions keep you busy when you’re not focusing on DJing?

I love to exercise and eat. Eating definitely keeps me happy while I’m away on tour.

What’s the toughest thing about dating while being a DJ? How do you keep your relationship strong albeit your constant traveling?

You first have to meet the right woman. I got really lucky finding my girlfriend, she also works in the night club scene so she knows how the “DJ life” works. Traveling and spending weeks at a time away from her has to be the hardest part. We do what we can to stay connected, but I also try to fly her out to as many gigs as possible.

What’s the most awesome thing your girlfriend has ever done for you?

On our first date she asked me if I had a passport, I said yes. So, we drove to Tijuana and ate at that tacos spot I mentioned above. Best date ever.

Why the giraffe logo?

Well, my neck is long and some fans kept calling me a giraffe via Facebook. Other people started to realize after reading that comment that I actually kind of do look like a giraffe. Ever since that… I really just went with it.


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