6 Ways To Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Sexy (Not Stressful)

Okay, so not everyone (particularly my friends in long distance relationships) was too pleased with my article on how distance doesn’t make the heart grow fonder. I’m sorry guys. I wasn’t trying to say that no long distance relationship will work, I was just over-turning an over-used cliche. Long distance relationships make the world go round, literally. That being said, it’s easy to lose the spark with someone when you’re 1,500 miles away from each other. Don’t let that happen! Use these tips to keep the fire burning as hot as it was burning when you were both on top of each other and not on different parts of the globe.

1. Utilize Your Resources

First off, just be thankful that this is 2015 and you have a plethora of technologies to allow you to feel closer to your boo. If you’re being ignorant and thinking that whatsapp texting and the occasional phone call is enough, you’re not taking advantage of so many of the opportunities available. You need to make a Skype account right now, and a snapchat account, and go ahead and buy some stamps while you’re at it…okay?

2. Perfect The Art Of Sexting

If sexting was an area of study, I would major in it. Yes, there’s the whole gray area surrounding privacy issues and revenge porn, but if you’ve made it this far in this relationship you’ve hopefully got a dude that’s going to keep your nudes to himself. If you’ve never got into sexting before, it can be awkward. It’s not hard to snap a pic of your tits, but it can feel unnatural having phone sex or Skype sex when you’re so used to doing it in person. Read this guide, and start having orgasms with your iPhone in no time. As much as love is what’s keeping you two together, you can’t deny that you both have sexual needs as well.

3. But Don’t Forget Some Old School Romance

The cutest thing about our grandparents is that they still have every single memento regarding their relationships. Instead of messages floating in the ‘cloud’ and Instagram #wcw, they have letters and polaroids and keepsakes. Obviously you can’t send a dick pic via horse and buggy (that’s probably a good thing), but nothing is sweeter than a hand-written letter. The best part is that you can keep it forever…or, if you break up, you can burn it in effigy!

4. Appreciate Your Time Apart

Instead of texting 24/7 every damn day, set a time to Skype or call. It’s tempting to want to talk to your boo every two seconds, but if you do you’ll never really get a chance to miss him. If you’re traveling abroad or exploring a new country, you want to remember the sights you saw, not what your iPhone screen looked like. Besides, if you’re not in communication all the time, it’ll make you more appreciative of the times that you do talk (plus, you’ll have way more stuff to talk about).

5. But, Relish In Your Time Together

It is 100% acceptable for you two to spend your entire weekend together in bed if you wish. If you only get a certain amount of time together, might as well spend it as close as possible. Sure, fancy dinners and walks in the park are nice…but you can’t be naked and exploring each other’s bodies in either of these places…right? I mean, not unless you want to be arrested for indecent exposure…

6. Don’t Tangle Up The Phone Cords

It’s inevitable that arguments come up, especially in long distance relationships. Texting is cool and all, but don’t puss out and start fighting with your man via text, it can blow things completely out of proportion and make a small debate into a big fight.

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