The 20 Highest Paying Jobs of 2017

While the holidays were the perfect time for stuffing your face and forgetting about any and all responsibilities, January is the time for you to get your shit together again. Coincidentally, January and February are the best months for you to apply to jobs and get hired.

If you’re thinking of a shift in career and you’ve got your eyes on the prize (more money), maybe consider one of these professions? Sure, you’ll probs have to do a little extra schooling, but dolla dolla bill ya’ll, right?

These jobs have the highest average salaries of 2017, according to LinkedIn Salary data.

20. Podiatrist ($150,000)

If you’ve got a foot fetish, boy have we got the perfect job for you!

19. Global Marketing Director ($155,000)

So this probs won’t be your first, or second… or fifth marketing job. More like your 10th or so. But hey, motivation!

18. Senior Software Engineering Manager ($155,000)

This role involves managing a team of software engineers who design software products and operating systems. Thrilling.

17. Anesthetist ($156,000)

An anesthetist is a nurse who sedates patients before procedures. The doctor version is an anesthesiologist, which is further down on the list.

16. Patent Attorney ($160,000)

If you’re not trying to be a justice warrior, you can always just protect companies from getting their ideas jacked.

15. Director Product Management ($160,000)

The Director of Product Management manages all the product managers below her (yes, that’s a lot of managers in one sentence, sorry).

14. Tax Director ($161,000)

Pretty self explanatory, you’re head honcho when it comes to a company’s taxes.

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13. Director of Engineering ($164,000)

A director of engineering is one of those jobs that are difficult to explain, but they are generally responsible for a company’s web and mobile engineering teams.

12. Dentist ($165,000)

Cleaning people’s teeth suddenly sounds fun af.

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11. Staff Software Engineer ($168,000)

As you would probably guess, this position entails developing, maintaining, and engineering software for a company.

10. Senior Corporate Counsel ($175,000)

If being a patent attorney is too lowly for you, you could always step it up and be the senior lawyer for a big corporation.

9. Psychiatrist ($218,000)

I know you hate listening to everyone whining about their problems…but what if you got paid this much?

8. Hospitalist ($220,000)

Hospitalists are doctors, but doctors that strictly work in hospitals, vs. the type of doctors who work in a private practice.

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7. Physician (general) ($220,000)

Even if you’re just a regular ol’ doctor, without a specialization, you do pretty damn well.

6. Pathologist ($225,000)

Pathologists specifically focus on the cause and development of a disease, generally working in the genetics or the forensics side of things. So yes, if you watch SVU, you might see pathologists determining how people died.

5. Medical Director ($230,000)

It’s weird to think of doctors having “bosses,” but they kind of do. The Medical Director plans and directs all aspects of an organization’s medical policies and programs.

4. Surgeon ($338,000)

The question is, are we talking medical surgeons, or the type that install boobs for a living?

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3. Anesthesiologist ($350,000)

Anesthesiologists are in charge of sedating people before they go under the knife or undergo another intense medical procedure. J.P. Abenstein, president of the American Society of Anesthesiologists and associate professor of Anesthesiology at the Mayo Medical School, describes it a bit morbidly.

“An anesthesiologist keeps a patient alive during an invasive procedure that would otherwise kill them,” he says.

Welp, that’s why they get paid the big bucks.

2. Radiologist ($355,000)

Radiologists read x-rays, which means going through medical school and having a super sharp eye when it comes to seeing if a patient has a hairline fracture after falling down the stairs drunk.

1. Cardiologist ($356,000)

Cardiologists are doctors who specialize in matters of the heart. Considering that 1 in 4 deaths in the US are caused by heart attacks, they’re kept plenty busy.

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