Here’s how much diversity matters to Generation Z

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Today’s under-25-year-olds make up the most diverse generation in American history, and according to our Gen Z survey, they’re also happy to date and befriend people whose race is different than their own.

We invited our readers to take part in a study last year to let us know what their generation is all about. And in addition to finding that our readership is overwhelmingly young (82% are under 25) and racially diverse (48% identify as a race other than white), they’re also totally accepting of other races.

An overwhelming majority of our survey respondents identified with the statement “I have friends of many different races” — 74%, to be exact.

Even more said they were willing to date people outside of their own race, with 87% answering that they identified with this statement.

Studies have already shown that Americans under 25 are truly a melting pot compared to other generations, and our Gen Z survey showed that they’re also incredibly tolerant and open-minded at the same time.

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