Helix Tattoos Are About to Be the New Finger Tats

When you think basic tattoos in 2017, you think infinity signs and “deep” lyrics written in script across someone’s ribs.

Well, we’re about to introduce you to a new one.

Say hello to the helix tattoo, a trend half the internet is claiming to be “obsessed with.”

But like most other tattoo trends, it’ll probably be cool for five minutes and then turn basic after everyone on Instagram gets one.

Granted, it’s your body, and you can get anything permanently inked on it that you want to, that’s your prerogative. But think twice before taking the plunge on one of these.

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If you’re into this trend, keep in mind you’re going to consistently have to get it retouched (and spend more $) or else people are going to think there’s junk on your ear.

The options are also pretty limited. The tattoo in the cover photo, posted by @constabletattoo, looks like the type of thing you’d get done at the face paint station at a carnival. The other one posted above looks like a piercing you can’t take out.

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Tattoos are beautiful and I’m sure these artists are skilled, but they really can’t do much with your flappy little ear and about 1 millimeter of space.

So you’re pretty much stuck with a flower, a faux ear piercing, or maybe an initial, like this helix-lover below.

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Or, if you really, really have to get an ear tat, maybe consider this. It’s not on the back of your ear, but on the inside, and in combination with the piercing, it’s actually pretty cute.

Or just, you know, get a tramp stamp.

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