This Is Why Some Guys’ Skin Is Darker Below the Belt

As a writer, I know a lot of things about coitus… too many things.

I know the reason why women are louder in bed, why guys love Tinder but women love Coffee Meets Bagel, and why butt stuff with a rando isn’t the worst idea ever.

But I never understood why when you take a guys pants off and see his paler thighs and butt, his D is darker. Unlike Grecian sculptures with their pale ivory complexion all around, real dudes have noticeably dark weiners when compared to the rest of their skin, no matter how dark their skin is to begin with.

Turns out that the reason guys’ privates are so much darker then the rest of their skin is because of sex hormones.

“As sex hormones surge through the body they stimulate the production of melanin — the amino acid responsible for hair and skin color,” explained Dr. Lindsey Bordone, a dermatologist at Columbia University Medical Center in New York, to The Daily Mail. “The result is for the skin on a man’s penis and nipples and a woman’s areolas and labia, to darken.”

Dr. Bordone went further to explain that this darkening occurs during puberty, but shouldn’t continue to darken after puberty or else it could be a sign of other health problems, such as diabetes or obesity.

Okay so, you probably didn’t really need to know that, but haven’t you always wondered? I mean, ever since I saw my first dick I stayed wondering about its curiously dark complexion considering it’s likely never seen the sun. And now, thanks to this article, you know. I don’t really recommend bringing it up during your next hook-up, but at least now you’ll always have that morsel of info in the back of your mind next time you take a dude’s pants off. You’re welcome.

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