11 Guys Confess One Thing A Girl Did To Melt Their Heart

Guys don’t normally get romantic unless they’ve drunk an entire bottle of Jack Daniels and just watched a heart-wrenching Game of Thrones episode. They certainly don’t use the phrase “my heart melted,” like, ever. Or at least not in public. But on the internet, anything can happen.

Three days ago, Reddit user gillespiealive asked other men on Reddit “what was the best thing a female (SO or not) did that just made your heart melt?”

Instead of dudes saying “no homo” or “bro, my heart doesn’t melt, it’s made of steel,” guys actually responded. Read the best responses below and try not to tear up from all the fragile masculinity being shed.

1. Sew Cute

“Girlfriend made her first ever cross stitch. It said ‘I fucking love you’ and had a little raccoon on it. Took her hours to make. That’s probably my favorite gift ever. As an additional bit of info, it’s the first time either of us said ‘I love you.'”- naked_avenger

2. Hate Sleeping Alone

“She texted me: ‘I fell into love with you, like a blind horse would fall into a pit.’ I burst out laughing at the randomness of it, but then I realized my heart is more melted than ever. She also told me whenever she goes to bed, she makes [a] place for me next to her, even if I cant be there (its a semi-long distance relationship).”- _Nothing_Personal_

3. Gets Them Every Time

“Back scratches OMG.”- PM_ME_STRIPPERS

4. Ride Or Die

“Poor young man fresh into the world. We were dead ass broke. I was having a hard time at work (3 jobs at the time) and she managed to buy me the book I was wanting that our library didn’t have. It was only $4, but it was such a huge gesture. That $4 at that time was food for a day, possibly two. She gave up lunch for two days to get me that book. I still have that book to this day.” – DrStephenFalken

5. Take Care

“I was having a rough time with something and she just held me for a minute and told me she will always take care of me. It was so comforting and made me feel so easy to let my guard down with her because I knew she 100% meant what she said.” – jgaskins34

6. She Is Ballsy AF

“This happened literally yesterday. A girl, halfway between the flirt/girlfriend stage, gave me a tiny booklet of all the reasons why she liked me. It was adorable, and the sweetest thing anyone has ever done to me. Needless to say, she’s now my actual girlfriend.” – GfxJG

7. The Little Things

“I was having a really stressful day at work, restaurant was full, 13th double shift in a row. I came home to shower and start my three day weekend, my SO had ordered pizza and had a six pack of beer for me in the fridge. It was so sweet.” – s0m30n3e1s3

8. V Sweet

“One time my ex girlfriend got a mason jar, filled it with Swedish Fish (my absolute favorite) and little pieces of paper that had things written on them, stuff we talked about, plans we had made, it was super sweet. No pun intended.” – jamesmk3

9. True

“My car got towed and my girlfriend at the time drove all the way over to my town just to take me to pick up my car. It felt really good to know I could always count on her because that’s what you do for people you love.” – moldy912

10. Melting Cheese, Melting Hearts

“Cooked what I wanted for dinner.” – Bigcountryron

11. Love Don’t Cost a Thing

“I’ve been working a lot of mandatory overtime at my new job, to the point where I’m working 12 hours a night, six days a week, and as a result we (me and my SO) haven’t been able to spend as much time together as we normally do. Last night I got off at like 2am and came over to her house and she was waiting for me in some super sexy lingerie, she had her makeup all done, and she smelled amazing. She gave me a massage, some Alleve, and great sex. I’ve never had a girl do something like this before, like she spent the whole evening getting the house ready after her roommates left and it just made me feel like a king. Sometimes all you need is a reminder of why you’re working so hard and it’s suddenly worth it again.”- bitchcassady

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