Game of Thrones Finally Freed the Peen And It Was No Fun At All

After six months and five episodes, the impossible finally happened.

Game of Thrones freed the peen. But contrary to what you’d expect from a show full of gratuitous, steamy sex scenes, it wasn’t hot. Not even a little.


Just last month, Emilia Clarke, the actress who plays Daenerys Targaryen, gushed about how it was time that Game of Thrones switched things up and showed a penis or two — although she did point out one of the reasons why the show hadn’t already done that was because the men on the show had such glorious works of art below their belts that showing them “would make people feel bad.”

LOL, they wish, right?

Well yesterday, she got her wish.

And it happened with a character we’ve never seen before and probably never will see again, who was probably cast in the role because his penis was not so fabulous that it would make people feel bad. 

We’re not about spoilers here, so in case you haven’t had time to watch the episode, we’ll keep the mystery of the scene alive, but let’s just say the peen gets freed completely unexpectedly, while said character remarks that he’s pretty sure he has a wart or two on his genitalia that doesn’t belong there. 

See, super not sexy, right?  

Guess it just proves that out of context, uncircumcised, flaccid penises aren’t all that sexy.

Still, as much as we wish we’d gotten to see an erect peen on a well-built character we’ve all had fantasies about for years, it’s kind of nice to see the tables turned after years of GOT boob exposure.

May this be the first of many peen freeings, awkward or otherwise.


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