8 Pieces of Love Advice from Guys That Prove They Have Feelings

If you’ve ever been through a rough breakup, you may wonder how your ex is feeling. Is he struggling as much as you are? Is he too manly to cry? Does he ever think about you still?

Most guys may try to put on a super-manly, non-emotional front, but they have feelings too. It’s just that have to hide those feelings behind ridiculously dorky Reddit usernames.

Reddit user neversleep asked men, “How do you cope with the feelings of missing an ex?” And you’d be surprised at how many guys admitted to missing their ex for months or even years, you’ll be even more surprised to see how many great pieces of advice dudes had for their fellow bro.

Since you’re probably going to your best girl friends for advice after going through a bad breakup, here are some nuggets of breakup wisdom from the male species. Lots of them mention coffee shops, like, a weird amount. But otherwise they are pretty legit.

1. For The Introverts

When I would go out, my friends would start a conversation I wasn’t interested in, and then I’d start thinking about the breakup and get so frustrated that I’d start sweating and get uncomfortable to the point I’d just leave.

The only things that worked at that point were running/working out and going for a long, aimless drive. In both cases, I’d turn my music up loud and let the rest of the world fade away. But those are just short term escapes.

I’m an introvert, and if going out with your friends doesn’t help, you probably are too. Solo adventures are probably going to help you more than being with loud groups. For me, I took a photo [class] where I could develop my own film, started taking weekly train rides to the nearest large city to walk around without an agenda, and I wrote a ton of bad poetry in a journal I brought with me to every coffee shop I could find. Sometimes I’d travel an hour just to visit a new coffee shop so I could order a hot tea and write. – arkiephilpott

2. Norwegians Will Heal Your Heart

Got dumped two days ago and it felt like my heart was ripped out of my body. I’m going for a two week road trip to Norway to forget the whole thing. – Part-Time_Legend

3. Hey Dad, Here’s My Ex Girlfriend’s Old Thong

Making changes to your routine will help a lot. Remove everything you can from your room that reminds you of her and give it to your parents to hang on to until you have severed the emotional ties. – Roosted13

4. More Coffee Shops

Working out, picking up hobbies, going to a coffee shop every Thursday for open mic night just to watch and talk with strangers, eating healthy, meditation, and most of all, time. – YouKnowThatOtherGuy

5. The Age Old Question

Try to remember why you broke up and ask yourself if you miss her or just the memories. – godsqueak

6. The Seasoned Heartbreak Veteran

By cutting off all contact, and pitilessly removing anything that would remind me of her, and by making myself stop any train of thought that starts with a memory of her, even if they are all good memories.

Keeping busy would distract you from dealing with the mental stuff that you have to deal with anyway, with the hope that being too distracted will help avoid reinforcing emotional memories of her, and that that would weaken their grip on you with time. I have more experience and discipline on this, so I just jump to the part that works. It’s more efficient that way. – inffluenza

7. Love Yourself?

Rub one out. Seriously helps immensely. – paintballpaul

8. Unpopular Opinion, But Valid

Find someone new. Ideally a couple girls because if it’s just one you’re going to obsess over her and treat her like your new girlfriend and scare her off. – yessum447

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