6 Reasons Why Going To Prom Solo Is Actually The Best

High school is rough. While the girl that sits next to you in physics just got asked to prom with a dozen red roses, Chipotle, and the entire school marching band; you’re sitting there wondering if you’ll even get asked to prom.

Here’s a tip: don’t wait around for that creepy, douchey dude from your lunch period to ask you to prom, and don’t settle for your “best guy friend” who’s probably going to get drunk and handsy in the limo either. The only person you need to have a great time on prom night is yourself. A few great friends wouldn’t hurt either.

Here’s why:

1. You Don’t Have To Baby Sit

In every cliche high school movie, prom is the sickest night of your life. In reality, just like the rest of your high school experience, it’s awkward. Bringing a date to any type of event, be it a prom, a wedding, or a dinner party, means that you’re worrying about someone else. If your date brings a flask and gets wasted before dinner? That’s now your problem. If you decide to bring a date from another school and he’s too shy to talk to anyone besides you? That’s also your problem. You can have the greatest date in the world, but you’re likely still going to subconsciously feel that you have to be with him all night long and subsequently miss out on partying with your girls or getting in a slow dance with your best guy friend. When you go as your own date, the only person you have to worry about is you.

2. You Can Dance With Everyone And Anyone

Prom can be a long night, and dancing with the same clumsy senior all night can get old, especially if he wants to grind the whole time. If you roll solo, you can be everyone’s dance partner. Sure, you can get a little hot and heavy with a cute guy (or two), if your teachers aren’t strictly monitoring the dancing. But you can also have fun in a circle with your girls, belting out the lyrics to your favorite throwback jams. Who knows, maybe when that senior you’ve been crushing on sees that you’re available, he’ll ditch his date and ask you for a slow dance? The possibilities are endless, and awesome.

3. Solo Shots Are Better For Instagram

Let’s be honest for a second, you’ve got your classic photo pose down to a T, and you know which side is “your side,” but when a partner gets in the mix, you get all out of whack. Sure, a hot guy can make a good accessory sometimes, but you really don’t need anyone to dull your shine or make it impossible for your to do your signature facing-backwards-skinny-arm pose, do you?

Have your camera savvy BFF or your mom provide the photographer skills for your mini photoshoot before the big event. Without a date to pose with, you can get as crazy and creative with your poses as you want. Plus, you’ll have nobody giving you shit for all the selfies you’ll be taking later in the night.

4. Your After Party, Your Choice

If you’ve ever gone to a dance with a date who wasn’t in your designated friend group before, you know how it can get when deciding which after party to go to. Do you subtly try to coerce him to end the night at the rager that your BFF is throwing? Or do you suck it up and head to his boy’s after party even though your closest girlfriends won’t be there? Going solo means that you’ll get to hit the after party of your choice. Or, if you’re feeling wiped out after your big night out, you can go home, watch two episodes of Friends, and pass out with nobody judging you.

5. You Show The Boys That They Ain’t Shit

High school boys are pretty useless. When they’re not throwing stink bombs in the cafeteria or skipping class to smoke weed behind the football field, they’re probably texting you asking for nudes.

As a high school girl, you don’t really have many options, and many of the thirsty dudes probably hope that you’ll lower your standards and eventually settle for one of them. By going to prom alone, you prove that you’re not going to do that. You also prove that you’re confident and awesome enough to have a sick night by yourself, with no man by your side. Not that you need them anyways, but showing that you can have a good time by yourself is just going to make the guys want you more.

P.S: College guys aren’t much better.

6. You Won’t Have To Play The Waiting Game

As much progress as women have made in terms of gender roles, we still expect dudes to be the ones to ask us to prom. If you’re planning on asking a guy yourself, go you. But if you’re not, it can be anxiety-inducing waiting for someone to ask you. Not to mention that you probably have to talk to Anna, who’s going to talk to her boyfriend Bobby,who’s going to talk to his friend David, to see if he’ll be down to ask you.

Save the drama for your mama, and tell everyone and anyone that you’re planning on solo. That’s right, sorry to all the boys that were hoping to be your night in a shining rented Men’s Wearhouse suit, but you’re taken — by yourself. Instead of spending all of study hall worrying about if anyone is every going to ask you to prom, you can spend study hall doing what you should be doing, studying for your Spanish exam next period. Save the money on a boutonniere and corsage and get yourself some killer heels instead.

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