Bo Koehler’s Model Workout Tips: Squats In Heels Included

Model Bo Koehler told us all about the best breakfast she’s ever eaten — a description of a South African style egg sandwich topped with homemade jelly. Not only did it make our tummies rumble, but more so made us question how the babely Bo could eat all of that and maintain her toned legs and tiny waist. Once the camera was off, Bo spilled how she does it. She’s been modeling since she was a teen, and through the years has crafted a fitness and diet regime to maintain her bombshell body. It involves doing squats in high heels…


Photo By Amber Asaly

What workout tips do you swear by that you’ve been utilizing for your whole life?

I’ve been dancing ballet since I was eight years old. I don’t do it everyday like I used to in high school, but it’s something I try to do once a week. It helps with good posture, keeps me flexible, and it’s good for concentration.

Are there any work outs you are dying to try?

I’m dying to take boxing classes!

What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without exercising?

Not more than 7 days…

Do you see a difference in your mood when you work out?

Yes! When I’m working out I feel much more energized, and it’s a great way to release stress.

What are some top secret model workouts that you can tell us about?

My top secret is doing squats in heels.

How do you eat healthy on location when there are muffins and snacks all over the place?

I always avoid sugar, including sodas, except dark chocolate over 70% cacao. That said, it’s ok to have a treat once in a while!

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten on location or in another country?

I had the chance to go to South Africa. I remember this little French place called Le Tart where they served one of the most incredible breakfasts. They made everything from scratch, even their jelly!

What’s an on-the-go recipe you are in love with?

If it’s on the go I enjoy making simple salads with eggs, tomatoes, and cucumber. I use lime and olive oil as dressing.

What’s in your grocery basket?

My grocery basket always has veggies like broccoli or spinach, chicken breast and eggs for protein, green tea, ice cream for a guilty pleasure, and almond milk.




Photos By Amber Asaly

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